Zs 166

by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 18th of November 2006 01:21:24 PM


Giuseppe Truini
Why a naked girl sit on a sofa in a very strange and innatural pose? Is a contortionist? This photo gives me a smile, is adulterated.

Mel Dickey
Thomas You are correct, the duality of the image is wonderful. Two beautiful ladies.

Thomas Collins
What, does no one notice the model in the window yet? I like the duality of this image John! Well done.

Mel Dickey
Lying in waiting Love the fact that it is as if I am looking in.Beautiful shot and model.

Raymond Elstad
Lovely image John, I can always tell your work before I look at the name... a style you have sir! Cheers, Raymond

Wilky Poggiali
Fantastic My compliments for the photo Have an excellent eye! The laying of the female figure and his/her decentralization I like. Great photo

Heshmat Akbari Borhani
hi as usual it's very nice

John Peri
Ha, it's Kate Moss that is outside the window and it was pure chance that she was posted up across the street when I was there ... :-)

John Peri
On condition that I get the red couch .... :-) ... however Kate will be gone by the time you get there ....

Al Li
John I'll give my right leg to be able to shoot with Kate Moss. Alex

John Peri
Not I Alex, She's a great model obviously, but there are so many other young ladies filled with charm that it is passionate for us to explore. Just look at the one above for example, a wonderfully unique model that I met only recently and plan to develop a longstanding relation with. We already share a passion and dedication to photography and art. As for Paris, everyone speaks at least rudimentary English here, but you don't need many words ... come and visit, and who knows, we may even convince Tanya to come along too ...... :-)

Al Li
John this is wonderful, love the surroundings. May I borrow this place in New Year in addition to your place in Paris? Alex

Al Li
John I'll ship the red couch to any destination you desire. I am sure I can find a few models in New York that will pose for me. Paris is another matter, can't speak the language. Happy Thanksgiving, Alex

John Peri
An evening view indoors .

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