Zs 192

by Peri John

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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Friday 17th of November 2006 05:10:38 PM


Al Li
Love the feel of the image.

Philippe Carly
I like the image... I would also try a variant : a football match on the screen, and something of the "photographer" in the view: a hand holding a beer or something. And the model looking a bit desperate. And would title it " Lost battle ? " Good work though. This image is more intriguin and more thought provoquing than my suggestion.

Thomas Collins
There's that "just roaming around the house nude" classic JP look again. :-) I love it John!

John Peri
"Photo mode" .... (private joke) !!

Mel Dickey
Fantastic Great atmosphere and composition in this one John. A gorgeous model, her psoe and expression speaks volumes in this shot... Perfect 10 by both

John Peri
A fine art student in Broklyn. An amazing model that understands every aspect of photography, in front of and behind the lens.

Peter Meade
Hello John, this is a fun shot. It also has lots of artistic merit, in terms of contasting textures and the real person with the TV person. So who is on TV? Regards. Pete

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Very nice and well composed shot. Just thinking about the baby who is looking with a big pair of eyes.:)

Brett Sterling
I would have used a different shutter speed to get rid of the "tv effect" exhibited in this photo; The slower the better.

Thomas Collins
Is that what your wife says? "John's in his photo mode again". :-)

Pedro de Luisa
Excellent. I like the composition and the symbolism of this image.

John Peri
Thomas, hy, we are speaking about the model here .... !

Mel Dickey
Fav This is hands down my favorite of your shots with this same background setup. The models expression and pose simply sets the mood in this scene,Not to mention she is simply gorgeous

Beng J.
A beautiful set up, naturally sexy daily life ?. An interesting study of forms & lines, the living and the things.

John Peri
A truly remarkably graceful and innovative model. The greater part of the credit goes to her.

John Peri
Harvey, actually there are several more. I do this for two reasons, first because when you work in an apartment, the possibilities are limited, secondly, because as you imply above, it is interesting for a limited time to see the different responses of a model to a similar circumstance. That being said, there are photographers, particularly in the area of fashion and sometimes glamour too, that repeat over and over again exactly the same image with different models, without even attemting to change any of the props. In my opinion it quickly becomes a bore and for the model in particular it must represent very little interest and originality. It is also one of the reasons why I hesitate to work in a studio. Though I have seen some beautiful backgrounds recently, of what use are they after the third model? Imagine if almost all I did was to photograph models next to this television. Thank you warmly for the support that you have given and the interesting comments that you have made recently regarding my work. PS the one above is interesting, because the scene caught on the tele was of a dog tearing at some clothing, just as the model was grabbing hers! I may post it later if I consider it will not bore too many people ... ha, and there are others too!

Harvey King
same background, different mood I am comparing this Zs192 with the untitled picture of the model who you dubbed "dolphin" http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5226668 Same location, same lighting almost, yet yield completely different feel. Your ability to draw the subject's uniqueness that made a such difference! Great work! Harv

Bobby Lewis
Fabulous... So many wonderful elements.

David McCracken
John's Right Yes Harvey, You just have to plough through John's 1000+ images to see he does this shot over and over and over again.

Harvey King
please do post the others this is how your work differ from others. It will be an interesting to look and get comments/feedback on it. Harv

John Peri
Prime Time .

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