First rater must be 3/3 or 4/4 :)

by Prakarsa Rarindra

first rater must be or care canon powershot g family mother love green fa prakarsa rarindra

Gallery: Care

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Published: Tuesday 14th of November 2006 02:48:58 PM


Roman Serenko
:))) LOL!!!
First rater must be 3/3 or 4/4 :)
GooD work Love it!

Scott V
Gotta love this site. A perfectly amazing photo and still some idiot gives this a 3/3. Great work.

Jana Vanourkova
I wish I was here and had your skills, wonderfull ! cheers Jana

Mc four
7/6 Great light and wonderful shot! This is a fable!!

Eduard Vulcan
Superb technique You have an amazing gift of creating a painting-like mood. Fantastic work throughout your portfolio. Congratulations.

Henri Manguy
Beautiful composition, very original, great work. I am discovering your work at the moment and I am really enthusiast. I am vey curious to know the secret of the softness of all your images which make them look like some paintings of the XVIIIth century.

Regards, Henri

Mehmet Akin
hello very nice..congrats.

Kostas Angelopoulos
you mean that their discussion is what you wrote at the title? :) Wonderfull atmosphere but is not the first time! thank you and congratulations for all these dreemy images! i am addicted though is the first time i commented...Best wishes

Stanisa Martinovic
Furor poeticus!!! Salve. S.M.

Ruud Albers
Really beautiful work with very nice lighting, Rarindra! Best regards, Ruud.

Wendy de Kok
^o^ I'm sorry, but I love it. No 3/3 from me! :)

Gilles Chercuitte
Very nice great light and wonderful scene. Would love to see original print.

Jim Kerr
Hi Rarindra, yet another great rendition of this type of scene you do so well......Jim

Gbubemi Amas
Rarindra Thank you for making this 'painting' with your camera. William Turner would have loved to see this

Pnina Evental
Rabindra, everything was said already, I will add again that it is very nice light, exposure, has a context and well composed.

Beng J.
Pak Rarindra Lagi-lagi foto yang bagus sekali, suasana pagi yang juga bisa terasa sejuk bagi yang melihat fotonya.

Keith Pena
7/7 Superb lighting techniques on this and all your photos. Excellant eye for subject matter, composition and painting with light. Thanks for sharing.

Jitka Unverdorben
beauty picture

Jan Rachwal
Very Nice! I love the soft lighting. I would love to be there. Bravo!

Irit Ka
Green fog It is a wonderful photo; I like the way the green foggy light make it a mysterious seen. The cut of the reflection is the only thing that is a bit disturbing. Maybe without the bottom green part it will be even better? Well done! Irit

Prevor Drake
Another incredible shot! Perfect light and atmosphere! I love it! Congratulation for your work!

jacob smith
What program did you use, very curious.

Tatjana Adizes
How nice!!!! Fantastic!!! Regards!

Budiarto Gondowijoyo
Beautiful as usually

Paula Grenside
Maevellous light. Looks like the Eden.

Carolyn Dalessandro
Lighting 10/10 What can I say that was not said already..stunning!

matija vuri
doh! demed, this is a really nice photo!

Mariusz Pawlowski
7/7 Superb light and wonderful shot, Rarindra best regards.

George Koutsilieris

Vikram D'Mello
skilled carpenter's tools they say a bad carpenter always blames his tools; in that case, an excellent carpenter excels inspite of meagre tools. i find it highly admirable you can make such an arresting and technically beautiful image with a humble compact camera. kudos, in addition to the other worthy comments. i look forward to viewing your entire portfolio. vikram.

sylvain renault
wow ! Great picture ! :)

Glen Flower
What a capture, love the diffuse light behind, the reflection, in fact what's not to like? GSOH too.

Yuli Pribadi
Great Rarindra It is just superb! Excellent in all aspects! Salam...

Jacques BĂ©langer
wow 3+4 / 3+4 !

James (Jim) Johnson


And, things haven't changed around here in the six years or so since you posted this exceptional photograph!

Still see many exceptional works rated 3 or 4!


On to your photograph . . .

Exceptional lighting, not only through the fog but in the shadows as well. Wonderful & peaceful scene that is very pleasing to the eye!

Excellent 7's here!

Regards always,

Jim j.

Rarindra Prakarsa
Wish you were here..... Tank you and I love you. (bisanya itu doang)

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