ZE 707

by Peri John

ze johnperi nude glamour fashion artistic portrait se peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 13th of November 2006 11:22:55 PM


John Peri
I did tell her there was a hairdryer in the bathroom .....

Sarah Martin
Its original ill give you that....

Bellisimo!!!!!!!!!!! My congrats!

Al Li
Love it.

Edwin M. Rosenbloom
Och dat lady can doo ma laundry onytime :-)

Thomas Collins
Very fun John! That's one way to wash her hair I suppose.

Sarah Kane
This one made me smile, very comical:) fun photo John:) ~S~

Mel Dickey
Great Very original, great form! and concept. Wish I had this view in my laundry room. Great job by both.

Anthony J Deffina
Thanks for the tip John! Adding one of these would most certainly make your towels softer! This shot is a nice mix of three of my favorite things in life...humor, photography and women(Not in that order). I also think that the choice of B&W was excellent. -Anthony

Tanya Truong
LOL! There it goes the saying "expect the unexpected"...from John Peri ;o).

Michael Murphy
Too funny!

Bob Kurt
:) Very funny! Love your photos very, very much!

Amar Khoday
Cheeky image and description, no pun intended.

Currents Serene
LOL! Might as well wash everything on laundry day, especially if you don't mind photographers coming up behind you!

stephanie stevens
Caught my eye! Good idea. LOL This is fun. Great picture.

Raymond Elstad

Yereth Jansen
Fabulous. :) Very funny and sexy.

But what is she standing on?

Oliver Racz
Dude, she's like me. I also never do my laundry until I really have nothing left to wear:-)

Michael Sulka

Good shot!

John Peri
! .

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