ZE 701

by Peri John

ze artistic johnperi portrait glamour fashion nude se peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 13th of November 2006 07:36:16 PM


John Peri
Fianlly, maybe Allison is right ... lol ... I could remove or darken the area on the upper right hand corner ... ! Many thanks for the comment Mel.

Allison Whitt
I like the clothes tossed to the front of the bed. The model could be in more of a subtle pose. As is, she looks awkward. The night table also bothers me, especially the cord hanging down from the clock.

John Peri
Thanks Allison. I'm just going out shopping. I'll buy a cordless clock ... :-) As for the awkward look, I didn't pose her. I can conceive that it may appear so to someone else, but it seems to me closer to a natural pose one may assume when one is alone, and hence possibly closer to art. As for as imagerie is concerned, do you find that it spoils the picture? I hope some may find it attractive, at any rate it certainly is both graceful and sensual to me. That being said, in no circumstance do I mean that everyone does not have a right to their opinion and thank you for expressing yours.

Mel Dickey
not sure how I feel on this one. Stunning subject and pose but lacks something. I am not sure what...

Rob Wray
Mmmmm? Since when has any of your models had cloths on?

John Peri
A moment's respite .. before and/or after a change of clothes ....

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