His shift

by Vazquez Efren

his shift beach seeking critique vazquez efren

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Category: Sport

Published: Sunday 12th of November 2006 07:03:43 PM


Dale Mellor
Unusual composition and it is good that you managed to get the scene in the moment it existed, but having two widely separated focal points, each being a person with his back to the camera, makes this seem a very passive picture, despite the activity taking place. It is almost as though the real picture had been in the centre and magically disappeared in a puff of white spray.

Efren Vazquez
Thank you very much for your interesting obervaciļæ½n. I have wanted to catch the moment in which the man of backs was looking with a sorrow at the breath of white dew, on having left the shift his companion. Regards

Efren Vazquez
His shift Thanks for your comments and rates.

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