by Kwiatkowski Wojtek

flamenco andalusian horse nikon d mm f af e kwiatkowski wojtek


Tags: andalusian horse nikon d200 flamenco nikon 80-200mm, f28 af ed stallion seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Sunday 12th of November 2006 01:49:50 AM


Zacarias Mata
Well done!

Anders Hingel
What can I say to such a consistent reproduction of highest excellence. Again a beautiful and maybe even perfect photo of an Arabian horse. The only question I have ready for you, is: What would happen if Kwiatkowski should start making portraits of human beings not to talk about nudes ? Some photographers around must have met the nightmare of szuch ultimate tought competition coming up. You are the master !

siavash eydani
excellent good composition and well figure.

Suzanne Schwind
Amazing... this is truely a prize winner... on an emotional and technical level. great job.

zuhal turhan
wonderful photo.

Technike Technike
Sembra uno studio pittorico di Leonardo. Bellissimo!

erwin bosman
Stunning work indeed ! I particularly like the texture of the skin that is rendered in a sublime way ! erwin

Anna Klaene
Wow...beautiful shot! Thank you for sharing! Anna

elena deluca
amazed by your work i am amazed by your work. i was wondering how you get most of your photos to look like paintings? some of them still look like regular photos but for the most part they do look like a beautiful painting. as an artist i am curious. what technique are you using to get them to look like this? is it photoshop? is it a filter? i just love what you do. everyday i look at what is on your portfolio from work. thank you for sharing such a talent with us

Brad Kim
Definitely you are the master of horse-images.... Wonderful capture of the character!

Lena Goldat

Vincent Bourrelly
very nice image ! bravo regards

Kevin Temple
the best on p.n I have seen (horses that is )great work

Rosanna Remezzano

Outstanding!!! Beautiful work and model.

C├ęsar Ruiz

¡Sencillamente magnífico!

William Hirshman
Will I quit?

This is the kind of shot that makes me consider dropping photography as a hobby. It is so beautiful, I don't feel that I could ever match its power. This is a portrait in profile, this is equine introspection, this is strength. I tried covering the spot of white in the eye. The photo would be so much less without it. Along with the flying mane, the rippling muscles, the folds of skin, it is so important. And the ear. I never noticed horses have ears like that, seemingly in two parts. I don't think I will ever see a horse the way I used to again.

Wojtek Kwiatkowski
Flamenco Comments greatly appreciated, thanks for your time :)

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