Old Scout Died Today, November 11, 2006

by Kelly Landrum

old scout died today november seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Saturday 11th of November 2006 06:15:22 PM


Landrum Kelly
Gracias, Carlos. Tus ultimas fotos de Machu Picchu son increibles. --Lannie

Juan Santana
Very sorry. As a dog owner who also had lost a pet, I know the feeling. I.m Very sorry Juan http://www.photo.net/photos/JuanSant8

Landrum Kelly
Muchisimas gracias, Juan. --Lannie

Lesa Jones
I am truly sorry for your loss Landrum. I cherish everyday with my English Bulldog, knowing that she has lived past her expected life span. Cherish your memories, for there may be another pet one day, but none will be a replacement for Scout. Regards and best wishes....LJ

J. W. Wall
Condolences on your loss. May you and Scout meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. http://rainbowsbridge.com/Poem.htm

Mark Boyer
You have my condolences as a fellow pet lover who has been there. They are irreplaceable.

ioannis papadogiannis
A tear for Old Scout.:(

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, dear friends. As someone has said, the more I learn about people, the more I love my pets--but all of you are very kind. --Lannie

Umberto Pini
I'm very, very sorry. My old dog, a flat coated retriever, died last year afterwards 16 year with my family. I regret my friend Max still today.

Efren Vazquez
I feel it indeed, Lannie (excuse my English). A greeting, Efren

Kim Slonaker
Sorry for your loss, Lannie. Our dogs and cats are like a part of our family and it's hard to imagine a day without them.

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Kim and others. I appreciate your expressions of concern. --Lannie

Sweid Sideris
Entiendo tu pena Lanny, es este duro juego de vivir rodeado de seres queridos, animales y humanos juntos. Alguien siempre se va primero, y el otro se queda sufriendo la perdida. Un abrazo. Carlos

Landrum Kelly
OLD SCOUT DIED TODAY Old Scout had to be put to sleep today, November 11, at 12:20 p.m. EST. I left her with my mother in South Carolina when I went back to grad school in Spanish in 1999. She woke up trembling this morning, and my daughter and sister took her in to be euthanized. I just found out minutes ago.

Scout never got to live with me again after I went to Florida in 1999, and she became my mother's watchdog and companion. My mother will turn eighty-seven in less than a week, and the dog was her only companion after my father died in 1999. I would go on to Florida less than a month later.

I heard that Scout was not doing well back on October 30, and so I drove down after classes, saw her, fed her, took her outside. I slept awhile and came back after midnight to North Carolina and met classes that day. Scout had been getting better, and I had hoped to see her again at Thanksgiving.

I will remember her as the "Snoopy" that we picked up at the animal shelter, a tiny creature cowering behind a larger dog with which she shared the same cage. We took her outside and set her on the ground, and she wagged her tail, and so we brought her home in the fall of 1992.

She was also run over by a van in 1993, but she was not grieviously injured, and the next day she accompanied me on my last climb all the way across Table Rock mountain.


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