by Chepikian Paul

untitled seeking critique chepikian paul

Gallery: Images from the Convergence Exhibit at the SoHo Gallery

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Friday 10th of November 2006 07:30:33 PM


Paul Chepikian
Thanks, David! This piece was in the gallery show I just had. Taken in Guangzhou, China. I took so many images in China from the outside but kept seeing the life that was taking place inside. I wish there was someway to get into the homes and meet the people. I guess in a way, this leaves it up to our imaginations.

David Meyer
Paul Nice capture. I love windows and all that they symbolize. Their secrets and their revelations. Add the nice colors and the opacity of the glass, and it creates some good subject matter.

Paul Chepikian
Windows One of the pieces from a recent gallery show. Comments and observations always welcome and appreciated

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