by Chepikian Paul

untitled chepikian paul

Gallery: Images from the Convergence Exhibit at the SoHo Gallery

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Published: Friday 10th of November 2006 07:28:03 PM


Emmanuel Enyinwa
I like the balance and symetry of this image, too.

Kent B
I'm not sure how I have never seen this shot of yours. It good on so many levels. The color of the cars and hedge against that flesh colored surface makes my knees a little wobbly. The surface alone with all its pattern, cones and lines would be enough for worth commentary. One hell of a shot Paul. 7/7

florian r.
i love from above shots. they make the world appear to be in a kind of harmony, i seldomly experience on ground. hey Paul, i would like to invite you to visit my south america older, i'd be interested in your favs there...

Markku Salonen
Paul, I'm glad I followed you from Florian's site to discover this terrific photo. Surely one of the very best I have seen here - or elsewhere for that matter. All the elements so finely distributed inside the frame, and then those lovely colors, pure delight. A true 7/7 indeed, something to cherish repeatedly.

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