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Gallery: Images from the Convergence Exhibit at the SoHo Gallery

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Published: Friday 10th of November 2006 07:18:11 PM


Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Kent. Yeah, it always surprises me which ones the winds blow toward in terms of comments. This was a personal favorite that was in my recent show. Great responses to it. All the things you pointed out are what drew me to the image. So much going on, including the Jack Daniels barrels hanging outside the bar, uh, disco... Thanks, Kent, always good to hear from you. By the way, I still love the images of the birds you recently posted, can't seem to get it out of my mind.

Kent B
Oh now come on. I can't be the first to comment on this one. The wind-blown flags on tops are great, street puddle reflection, a collage of colors. A photo you can get lost in.

Charlie M
I had trouble loading the video. I probably need to change my browser settings. You may be right about traffic on the site. I'm not sure. I do like some of the changes Photo.net has made since I had last checked. I get comments at about 1-2 a month these days. In my case, it may have more to do with my infrequent updates, habit of deleting images, and not posting for critiques. Good luck with your writing. In eight months or so I will need to decide what to do with my English degree...The trip to China must have been great. How long were you there? Were you traveling with an organization or just for the trip? Have a good holiday

Paul Chepikian
Merry Christmas, Chuck! With regard to China, it was a combination trip in that: I was there to see some of the factories that we were working with. Several years ago, I was doing more product design and we were manufacturing in China. I wanted to see first hand the condition of the factories we were working with to make certain I felt comfortable with how they were treating their employees, etc. Though there in so OSHA and unions, etc., I felt as comfortable as I could under the circumstances. Though I joke about "I didn't see children chained to desks," it is a serious matter. I decided it was an opportunity I couldn't waste so I put in extra time to stay and shoot. I didn't think I'd have a chance to shoot while working but I ended up shooting the entire time I was there AND the extra days. It was amazing, though with what I know now, I would be more prepared for another trip. I was fortunate in that I got to travel to many places in China that were a bit off the beaten path. Flew around many smaller towns and cities so it wasn't so commercialized like the big cities. I think that shows in the work. So believe it or not, that's the short version. I am sad about the traffic; it was so nice to communicate with various photographers from all around the world. Even the response to other comments has been down; it's not just about my work. It seemed in the early days, most people would return the courtesy if you visited or commented on their site or image, that also seems to be down. Good luck with the writing! I hope you find your path. In many ways, I wish I could be more focused; I distract and get bored very easily. I hope you get a chance to view the link, I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks for the chat and I hope this New Year will be healthy and happy for you and your endeavors. All the best, Chuck! Paul

Charlie M
I agree with Kent here. The low-rates are off too. Another reason I tend not to post for ratings, but oh well. How are you going to rate a photo like it's American bandstand? Oh I give it a 62, but I can't dance to it... I noticed most of the China series is shot in closer to a 3:5 perspective--wider than some of your older posts. What camera are you shooting with these days? Have a good holidays. -Charlie

Paul Chepikian
Good to hear from you, Charlie: It seems like traffic has died down quite a bit on PhotoNet, or is it just at my site? I know I've been distracted a bit lately from my photography. In addition to shooting and editing much more video, I had the good fortune of having luck with some of my writing getting some attention. Then the writers strike hit and everything is at a standstill. In answer to your question regarding what camera, I am still shooting with the Canon 20D. I would love to upgrade to the latest greatest but I hear they don't just give those things away, they want you to pay for them and that presents a problem. You may have noticed I did spend some time a few months back shooting some studio work which I've always wanted to do. Had a great time and look forward to doing some more. I have a pretty cool video of a piece I did with some of my images. If you're interested, I'll supply the link here. Please do give it some time to load, I did it high rez because I wanted the quality to stand up. Have a great Holiday and thanks for the comment and staying in touch. I took a quick look at your site and I still really relate and love your work. Paul - Here is the link: http://web.mac.com/lupineproductions1/iWeb/Lupine%20Video/I%20Love%20Paris%20Video.html

Paul Chepikian
Disco Chian Series. Comments welcome and appreciated.

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