ZE 680

by Peri John

ze nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 9th of November 2006 10:30:29 PM


Tanya Truong
She's an artist, and i like the fact that the environment supports her well. The photo is romantic and harmonious. Warm regards, Tanya.

John Peri
Jim, you may well be right. I am posting from a laptop and have no idea how bright or contrasted it is, or what exactly is lit or not, since when I move my head, it varies. So, I shouldn't have posted it. Yep, some appear to like it though, others not. Many thanks for the comment.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Very unique and artistic (uncommon from your end as fer spot effect is concern)presentation. Its great.

John Peri
David, this is the comment that you really wanted to make, which is a just repeat of what you wrote to me by mail, and not one regarding my photo. So you have done it now, be satisfied. As regards your "opinion", the second photo you mention that followed the change of clothes was taken after this one, so your theory is nonsensical. As for the repetitive nature of my work, I appreciate that remark, thank you. That is what I set out to do and it has served me well. Now if you must seek attention like this, try to do it under your own work. I humoured you this once, I doubt whether I will have the patience to do it again. We are here to critique each others PHOTOS to our heart's content, not each other, and certainly not to satisfy our egos. Now please allow people to get on with enjoying this site, including me.

Mel Dickey
John Outstanding capture, A brief moment captured as she pauses in thought.... Fantastic ..

Maurizio Moro
...from Italy!!! Another masterpiece!!! Wondreful, John!!! Ciao, Maurizio.

Maurizio Moro
...from Italy!!! I think that rating in photo.net is not good!!! Is difficult for a lot of us to give 7/7 for fear to have not a reciprocal rate!!! BRAVO!!!...7/7!!! Ciao, Maurizio.

Rob Wray
John Through the key hole? Different. Rob

Isaac Madera
great work as usual john!!

David McCracken
An unintentional series Yes John! A wonderful series.

I love how you have managed to reflect the amount of alcohol the young lady has had from the initial photograph of ZE633 rising to ZE679 culminating (or perhaps not) in this excellent image.

I realise that is probably not what you intended to portray but in the interests of artistic differences, I have respectfully written about what I see.

Don't email me John!

John Peri
David, you have developed a new quality recently, you are becoming a bore. I'm sure it's not intentional. Please do not email me!

David McCracken
Debate Maybe you would be happier if no one commented on your photos John. You post them on the internet for all to see. Forgive me if I am honest.

I wonder if you remember this quote.

"I've been enjoying your feedback on PN. At least the two of us laugh occasionally. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Some people take it all, and particularly themselves, so seriously !!" -John Peri 6th June 2004-

It would appear you are taking yourself a little too seriously John! What do I know?

David McCracken
"bore" Don't get me wrong John! I do like looking at your images. However your photographic theme is exceptionally repetative to say the least. Heaven forbid that I would use the word 'boring.' I am actually quite surprised that you did. As for my earlier remark John. I study people. This means I look at them. This is also true of photographs. The comment given above was a mix of the two. Forgive me if I am wrong or that my opinion should differ from yours.

Paolo Cozzaglio
Well composed and studied, John. Excellent!

John Peri
You don't,, though you pretend to .. David, go and drink a beer, shake that chip off your shoulder, and concentrate on discusssing photos, not making childish comments like the one above. Now if I really must remove this photo and repost it, like the last time that you made such silly comments, I guess I will have to do it. This has really gone far enough now. Nobody refutes you right to make comments when you wish. Frankly David, no one cares, only you! In the meantime, you are just spoiling everybody's pleasure. I doubt if you are able to understand how inelegant and undignified it is to do this kind of thing under someone else's photo. PS my comment which you reproduce above was made two and a half years ago !! As I said further up, you have now become a terrible bore.

John Peri
a glass of champagne .. .

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