by Duczynski Maciek

untitled seeking critique duczynski maciek

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Category: Landscape

Published: Wednesday 8th of November 2006 07:01:49 PM


Peter Meade
A fabulous image.

David Gillespie
Wonderful composition well executed. There are so many nice things here its a place I would like to visit.

Patrick Flynn
Fantastic capture, and excellent work with tonality in post processing. I feel sure that you have assigned the best crop available to you, since everything else was done so carefully and skillfully. But I do feel like a little more area above the mountaintop and below its reflection might be nice. Although maybe I am just overly inclined toward the 2:3 format, as your use of lines in this crop is impressive.

Tamás Vízi
Great shot, superb tones and composition!

Alon Eshel
Very good composition , It's beautiful

Maciek Duczynski
Norway Norway 2 horizontal photos taken with 17 mm stitched

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