by Prakarsa Rarindra

untitled farmer fisherman indonesia village light harbour r prakarsa rarindra

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Published: Wednesday 8th of November 2006 02:13:23 PM


Roger Aylstock
Beautiful image!

Jitka Unverdorben
beuaty picture

Michael Lyons
7/7 Unbelievable timing and color--beautiful shot--it seems that you live in heaven---Can you believe that this photo has already earned 4 3/3 ratings---it is truly a crime-----7/7--ML

Tom L.
7/7 WOW! This is an incredable image. Pictures come and go but this one is a classic! If I could rate it higher, I would! Perfect composition on a one chance photo! Congradulations!

Ali Soltani Farani
Excellent. Perfect composition and great color.

Pedro de Luisa
Beautiful, very beautiful. Congrats.

Doug Schruth
7/7 Incredible shot and setting. Simply wonderful.

Jan Rachwal
Beautiful shot! Great capture, colour. Wow 7/7

NataLi BurduLi
OMG, this is perfect! :)

lynn daley
This is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous silhouette and fabulous colors. Wonderful composition and perfect stop-motion action. To those that rated this a 3/3 I hope you get the karma you deserve! 7/7! Best Regards, Lynnmarie

Floriana Barbu
7/7 I think you are tired about the 3/3 rating from those jalous guys. Don't give up, you are a great photographer . All my simpaty ! Best regards !

Robert Hutinski
wonderful lights and capture moment.

Fredy WIjaya
FOTO JUARA nih om RDP moment... timming.... komposisi,.... tone.... olahan.... everything is perfect... memang om RDP maut euy.... mbok yah yang junior ini di ajarin dung om....

Lukas Ondrousek
i like it!

Bilal Zaheer
Stunning! good choice of hue.

Val Proudkii
Nice shot!

Brian Keane
POW When I saw this image first, I thought it could be a contender for picture of the week. I just can't believe the range of ratings its received - 3/3 to 7/7s. Does this just reinforce the fact that everyone's taste is different, or do people just hit any rating to get to the next picture? I notice that all of the lower ratings are anonymous. I wonder if that means anything. I hope I can capture a picture like this some day! Brian

Amir Ziaee
so cool impressing portfolio,its rich and diverse thanks for sharing

malican gunay
...... loved the colours and harmony..cong'

John Mitchell
Great silhouette! Great colors! Great photo!

Salvatore Saitta
I agree with Peter about 3-raters... This shot is wonderful, nothing to say

Tyler Wind
Amazing colors, good composition, interesting subject matter, and strong work freezing the action as that cast net is thrown! This is a real winner--congrats!

Crina-Paula P.
Perfect the composition, the colours ...the DOF....

Chris Best
Great job Your end result is strikingly beautiful...

Rarindra Prakarsa
Heavenly Sorowako About 3 hours to go to Sorowako from Jakarta, or 2 hours from Denpasar Bali. Take 2 times airplane from Jakarta-Makassar (South Sulawesi)-Sorowako (Cantral Sulawesi). It cost about US$130. Some American, Australian, European live there as a worker for Nickel Mining. They enjoy living there!

Ge Ma
Preciosa la gama de color, las sombras, el momento... increiblemente bonita como todas las tuyas.

Gabi Udrea
Very good! Regards' Gabi

Suman Chakrabarty
! I did not believe my eyes when I saw this photo is 'unmanipulated' !!! Really great piece of work !!! :-O

Sondra Kicklighter
Impressive colors and silhouette, well captured.

Rarindra Prakarsa
3/3 to 7/7 I dont care.... I use fluorescent light white balance (become more purple), then add saturation. Tank you, terima kasih, God bless you, I love you, peace!

Wendy de Kok
Wow! What a beauty, great colors and lovely composition. One of your best shots for me.

Umair Ghani
10 + 10 wow!!! awesome!!! regards!

Olesya Storozhuk
Who said sunsets aren't worth admiring anymore?? Well, there is such a tendency in photography nowadays. Don't believe such people. They just don't have any idea of eternal beauty and are simply too overwhelmed by creating smth modern and not always high-quality. I just wanted to say that this one is lovely&thank you for keeping on taking such brilliant shots!

Augusto Martins
WOW! Whatta stunning view!!! This sky is gracefull. Had to stop here and give you congratulations on a spectacular photo. Thanks for this inspiring image!

Peter Velter
I agree: the 3-raters are a total pest. Anonymous rating should be banned. And if somebody gives a bad rating, then that should be accompanied by an explanation. I would like to know what settings were used for this picture. I see the light is low, yet there is no blurring in the net to indicate low shutterspeed and no grain to indicate a high ISO. I know I will look like the party pooper here with my comment, but the color of the sky/sun here feel a bit unnatural?

Andreas Fischer
7/6 cool and beautifull picture

David Morgan
A truly stunning Image. Fantastic.

mohamad itani
Rarindra I made up my mind , one day i'm coming to visit you these pics are amazing like always

Pedro Hernandez
7.7 fantastica, enhorabuena

Carole Hibbert
Truly stunning photograph! I love every detail and the fact that you've managed to capture the fishing net so crisply is amazing. Rgds Carole

Abraham A. Agung
Nice Purple gw suka banget ama warnanya....

Salvador Cobian
I wish I was there... Rarindra, you captured a beautiful image here. It immdiately transported me there. You have a talent to get so beautiful an intimate images. Thank you for sharing.

Fernando Monreal
That?s look more like a real photo, very good job. f.

Sally Delacruz
Yes! Wowww! Fantastic! The fishnet is focus and I like the bursting sun rays almost on top of the fisherman's crown. What a sight to behold... Thanks! Happy 2007!

John Hill
7/7 Will some of you people that rated this 3/3 please show us some of your work? Your work must be amazing if this photo is a 3/3. Then again maybe a few people need to see the eye doctor. Beautiful photo.

Jessica Edwards
Andrea L. Singer Great Shot!!!! Great colors!!!

Hasan Ghodrati
Wow! No one btter than you deserved to take that picture, materpiece! Regards - Hasan

Carolyn Dalessandro
WOW! Another speechless wow here...absolute beauty. Crisp,clean and pulls me into the image. Excellent!

Brian M
There are digital manipulation artifacts in the picture. It seems like this was manipulated.

Pietro Iglio
Stunning... it is like a dream. How did you get this shot without manipulating it?

Rana Tahir
Awesome! Colours are stunning! composition is perfect! Gr8 Work!

R Ragstatic

wonderfully timed and treated ! a beautyin your enviable stream

Rarindra Prakarsa
Morning hope This taken in beautiful place Sorowako, a small town in South Sulawesi. Lake Matano is the most beautiful to visit.

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