Zs 189

by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Tuesday 7th of November 2006 04:20:37 AM


Mel Dickey
John, Wonderful capture and a beautiful model, However I wonder if it would be more dramatic if some of the left side and top of the stairs were cropped out?

John Peri
maybe just the window? Thank you for your comment Mel.

Mel Dickey
John You are welcome and I agree maybe just the window....would have love to see a side view also a very beautiful model .....but then all of them are... A new fan Mel

Edwin M. Rosenbloom
Och John yer naeburs in New York must tokin aboot yoo day in day oot !!!! All dem byootifool yung wumen cumin in an oot o yer flat oll ours o re day an night high on champagne an adjustin ther clathes before they go on tae the street!! Hoo de ye get away wi it ??? From yoor loyal an dedicated fan Edwin

John Peri
A study in form and grace .

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