Monkey Boner

by Laffler Todd

monkey boner seeking critique laffler todd

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Published: Tuesday 7th of November 2006 01:30:13 AM


Todd Laffler
David... Yes, this was taken at the Bronx Zoo. Thanks

scot cross
Monkey Boner Think hes going to get a lap dance?

Mark Boyer
This is funny and too too true. Nicely done on your part as well.

Sondra Kicklighter
Todd, I have seen everything now, good catch. 5/5

Dimitris V
Great capture and effective framing!

David Katz
wow, was this taken at a zoo? i didn't notice anything abnormal until i read the caption..what a capture!

Personal Art

hehehe nice shot

Todd Laffler
Monkey Boner This monkey got a little shall we say "excited" while his friend was grooming him. :)

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