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by Peri John

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Gallery: The loneliness of a big city ... ( New York and other places ..)

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Published: Friday 3rd of November 2006 03:44:54 PM


Jim Hayes
Just wanted to comment and say how much I am enjoying your New York series. Strong emotion, yet handled so softly. Thanks always for sharing. JH

Milo G
Thoughts Another great image John. And an equally great kitchen, I hope you cooked her a fantastic dinner.

Ken Thalheimer
It's well done John. I agree the facial expression doesn't show the tension as it does in a previous shot. However, one look at the position of her hands & the feeling of tension is conveyed

John Peri
Interesting Giorgio, I find it very intense personally, but maybe it's because I was there. However you are right. It is how each of us perceives art that makes it so personal and poignant. Thank you for your comment.

giorgio carradori
the expression of the girl does not appear very intense, I mean not so appropriate to expess your words: the comments of Milo G. demonstrate that the photo suggests different thoughts...

Sarah Kane
John! Thought I'd check in on ya and see how your photos are coming along... This one really stood out for me, such a great photo. The lines, tones, mood, everything works to create a very provocative scene:) Beautiful, once again, keep it up! ~S~

John Peri
Thank you Sarah, I am always touched by a few words from such a sensitive person as yourself ...

John Peri
Thinking of the future .... when sometimes to cope with the present can already be so hard ......

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