Exempted # 03

by Amelkovich Igor

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Published: Wednesday 1st of November 2006 01:03:45 PM


David Vorland
With all due respect (the politics of it are irrlevant), this wonderful image seems a commentary upon the kind of heroic Soviet posters that were seen in the 1930s.

giorgio carradori
in my imagination, minators of your region were similar to Stakanov. Times are changed.

David McCracken
If... We used to mine a lot of coal in the UK. I am sure if the miners had all looked like this, they would have 'won' the miners' strike. Rather good to say the least.

Igor Amelkovich
www.amelkovich.com My personal site has started: www.amelkovich.com

Igor Amelkovich
Exempted # 03 Ural mountains. Bakal city. Mining area.

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