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by Peri John

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Gallery: The loneliness of a big city ... ( New York and other places ..)

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Published: Tuesday 31st of October 2006 11:12:33 PM


John Peri
Howard, I like the observation of the open door, thank you .. more photos to follow possibly in this series.

David Vorland
John, as always your remarks are absolutely right on the money. Beautiful concept here, sad as some aspects of it may be, beautifully realized.

Tammy V.
John, I find this emotionally difficult to look at only because it stirs up strong emotions from my past. I do sense loneliness and regret. Perhaps she is a bit reticent to think about her life and whatever it is that has just happened. I admire your dedication to your passion, John, and am glad you posted this. And, thank your lovely model for allowing us the privilege.

John Peri
New York is a magnificent city, filled with wonderful people. That is why I am here. It is also, like many other large cities, a place where some people have immense difficulty adjusting to the competitiveness of every day life.

Don Baldwinson
I was attracted by your description rather than the photograph, and like Jack, felt the crop should be tighter. The model is lost in the surroundings. Thinking further, that is conveying the aim of the photograph. However, for the first impression, and without the description, I may have passed on. And missed the real photograph. Cheers, Don

Daniel Montero
great image Dear John. i like very much your photo. I ususally like these kind of image where the persons transmit "never-told stories"...I mean.. this is the kind of image that tell us a story without words.. the kind of image that makes us think about a situation and let us imagine different evolution for this situation. different stories.. different lifes ... Great image indeed... sorry for my english and cheeers from Canary Islands

Folker Neumann
Sorry, but in my opinion the picture should tell a story, not the author! Too much words for nothing!

Howard Dion
When I look at her face I see sadness, linked to the glass in her hand as if she is toasting herself alone, linked the her nudity becuase no one is there to see, linked the large cold perfectly organized kitchen, linked to the opened door to a darkened room in the background well I don't know, maybe I am reading something into the image that isn't really there. Then again, maybe its just a picture of a nudy lady having a drink in the kictchen.

John Peri
Thank you Tammy, I appreciate your and grace and generosity.

scot cross
So glad So glad you put this back up John, Great shot.

David Kernaghan
Difficult I love the idea that you are going with, the Story. It is a lot of fun trying to tell a story with photography, but very hard as well. I think the picture does convey some sense of the story, but not strong enough, yet!! I know you will. As far as the centering goes I agree that it is too centered. What do you think about if she was standing on the otherside of the counter looking stage right and the frame was moved over to the corner of the wall on the left? You may only get the breast that way, but I think it would help on the centering. Or maybe leaned up against the closet doors with her head down and her arm hanging with the drink in her hand. Keep the same crop. It may make the emptiness of the room more visuable and her dispear as well. Anyway, you have a great idea. Please continue to share it with us and ignore idiots. ps, I really enjoy your work. David

Scott Wade
Courageous It is a very nice composition.The depths of the hallway with an open door at the end add a bit of mystery to the scene that drew me past and into the scene. Her grip on the chair added some depth to the emotion.I applaud your courage to resubmit work that may not have been critiqued in a manner becoming this forum. I learn from you. "It takes a lot of imagination to be a good photographer. You need less imagination to be a painter because you can invent things. But in photography everything is so ordinary; it takes a lot of looking before you learn to see the extraordinary." -David Bailey

Peter Mead
John, To me the story is in the model and the long hallway and open door. Everything else distracts. At first I thought I was seeing an intimate, "naked" moment, not eros. But the stockings cues the erotic.

Brad Kim
Great work, John! You used the interiors of the apartment very effectively to create/produce the mood you wanted to portray with the image.... I am glad your trip to New York is turning out to be a very productive one.

Jarda Balek
Interesting reading and surely interesting picture, although I really do not see what you have depicted in your comment. Loneliness is there no doubt about it, but I agree with a comment above - it is unlikely anyone would go around dressed like that - stockins and high heels - what together with the seductive expression gives the scene quite an erotic feeling. I also think the horozintal composition downgrades the picture because of distracting chaos on the right side and unnecesarry emptyness on the left. I would crop it to the square or vertical to put more emphasis on the model. But anyway, i like the concept and photo is very good. Personaly I would prefer you post larger version here... Stupid comments on models are unfortunately quite common on sites like this, some people are just stupid and best way I think is to ignore them. Those who love photography understand... Good luck and sorry for my poor English.

Tom Meyer
Hello John... this is what I have always found missing in your photographs... a philosophical underpining and some intellectual and emotional depth. Most of your work celebrates that which is beautiful and light about women, which is certainly worth doing and doing well (and you have done it well for many years). I am glad to see that you explore other aspects of what women know and men wonder about (or the unlucky unimaginative ones, are oblivious to...)

Perhaps you have been quietly at this for years, and just recognize the vulnerability/subtlety in this type of artwork is not best understood/appreciated on photo.net.

Whatever your motives, thanks for posting this one, I'm glad to have stumbled accross it before the troglodytes arrive and you withdraw (wisely)... t

J. W. Wall
I share Jack's difficulty in finding that entire story in the image, though perhaps as part of a series. However, my view is that it is an excellent image, tastefully presented. You are one of the best at what you do, Mr. Peri, so one might inquire why you would care what at least some others say about your work? There are brutish folks in places high, low and indifferent. Your concern about the model's sensibilities is laudable and understandable. I'd guess that the choice to post the images on the Internet basically waives at least any technical issues of privacy, however much I might prefer that not to be the case. In any event, your beautiful and sensitive work is much appreciated by this observer. I hope you will continue give us the opportunity to appreciate it.

Stephan Funke
Lonelyness I think this is one of the good ones in your b/w folder. I am afraid you overdid this project with women in all kind of poses / positions ( sensible ones and not so sensible ones) in your home. For my personal taste I prefer your dd image ( perhaps with a less heavy frame), but that is another category. Stephan

Doug Oldham
Nicely done. I like the way the floor space is empty except for the model's stool--it reinforces your theme of loneliness. The model is interesting, beautiful, and expressive.

John Peri
You express it politely, no problem. On the contrary, thank you for giving your opinion Folker.

Andre Easter
Mr. Peri, your model is lovely and your picture of her is pretty OK; I have seen you do better and I have seen you do worse. But if there was anything like the Pulitzer Prize in Photonet for the best and most meaningful artist's statement of the year, then Mr. Peri I would gladly bestow that award upon you. I have always held a high opinion of you as a photographer, but my regard after reading your words has gone up about a thousand percent.

billy webb
since the dawn of photography the nude model has been a foundation type subject. I personally feel that this image is very tastefull, and done with in a professional manner that not only compliments the model, but also has a classic timelessness about it. Very nice!

Jack Aldridge
Well.... That being said...I really am having a bit of difficulty getting all of that out of this photo. The glass you spoke of is very hard to see. I also think the surroundings are a bit distracting.Her wardrobe is a bit difficult to see, but seems a bit unusual for someone who just got home from work (but then what do I know about what women wear to work under their clothes). I would have preferred to see the model a bit closer, and maybe her expression would have conveyed to me the feelings you've described as your goal for this photo. Not trying to be negative here...just honest....

Mark Levesque
Love the model, love the concept, but wish for a less centrally located subject within the composition. I actually think this might have worked better with a vertical composition, with its concomitant reduction of distractions, but I understand you are going for a more environmental motif.

Jonathan -
John, I hope your view of New York as a lonely place is simply a premise for a photo essay and not your actual view. Please check your e-mail for a message from me on this subject.

Ken Thalheimer
There seems a story here. The wreath on the door. Festive time of year? If so , she is drawn to her bare essentials with a look of loneliness & despair. Toasting herself, & what life possibly good be. I like it. But I agree the glass is very difficult to see

Christopher Haden
It is nice just to centered

Dwight Domonkos
I get it. I really like this photo and your description is right on. The only change I would like to see is cropping most of the wall out, almost to the corner. I like the long hallway and the fact that the model is not close up. To me this implies the stark lonley environment. I can't imagine anyone having derogatory comments about this model? Must be an internet idiot.

John Peri
Tom, the first time I posted this I had to remove it. Firstly because someone rudely detailed out the model's anatomy, secondly because someone else then made a stupid and irrelevant comment, adding later that it was because of the moronic nature of my photo and the explanation that I gave for posting it. He then gleefully wrote to me still later to say that he would repeat this gesture every time I did this! I guess "McDonalds" is his nature and level of communication ... I tried posting another one five min go. I was obliged to remove it because of someone's inelegant reference to the spread legs of the model. Unfortunately, that's all he saw.

Steve Ward
sw gee i just had an im conversation with a youngster at work(in a different office/city than mine). she described herself as "bored." after a few suggestions i realized that she was bored only with herself. lonliness can, and does, happen all over the place(even in Paris I suspect). Having been born in NY, I can think of no place on earth better to to escape lonliness and boredom. NY is as cold as you make it out to be, but it is also warmer and more sophisticated than most other places. And the people are generally better behaved than in most other cities as well. No matter where you go, there you are. If uyou're optimistic and make the most of it, NY has the most to offer. Yes we still have the lady in the harbor. as to the picture: eh.

August Hanks
Alone I am new here so I do not know the regulars. I saw this and liked it. I could see this in my world,- I have been this, in the state she is presented I could see a heavy sigh coming next. Would be in my world ...and this is now in my world. Sir, I am sorry for the ones who choose to be rude - thank you for your work.

John Peri
Thank you August. Unfortunately, it takes all kinds to make a world and, along with all the truly wonderful people, there are also those that suffer from pettiness, envy and self righteousness. What can one do - very little actually, other than try to ignore them. Thank you for your support.

John Peri
New York, a lonely city .. I removed this picture earlier because someone made a personal remark about the model�s anatomy, and another made a pointless statement that he later added was because of the absurdity of my image and the reason that I gave for posting it. I would have willingly accepted the second of these, but not the irrelevant remark that preceded it. I wish nevertheless that certain people would exert the same level of tolerance for others that they seek so desperately for themselves. So I�ll try again, and if need be I will remove it. My premise, which is certainly not a new one, is that New York is a vast sea of loneliness in which many people swim without so much as a glance at each other. I created the theme around this young lady who indeed exists, as do so many others just like her, that comes home from work, has her shower and then roams her apartment semi- clad without aim, drinking, smoking, picking up the phone, only to close it again without making any calls. Just as a poet and a writer will use metaphors and prose, I chose to make my point photographically through the longing expressed by a naked girl that displays her loneliness by offering herself to a visitor that is not there, then withdraws into herself and curls up seeking comfort in her own sexuality. I have more photos to show in this series, but out of respect for the model that graced me with these images, I will not leave them here in the face of any intruder that denigrates her contribution. I claim the same freedom to refuse comments as others feel in their compulsion to leave them.

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