ZE 565

by Peri John

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Gallery: The loneliness of a big city ... ( New York and other places ..)

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Published: Monday 30th of October 2006 03:02:35 PM


Stephan Brauchli
Quand on est con, on est con :)

John Peri
Hy Chris, well it's the first thing I noticed on arrival, can't really miss it, and I imagined that it could add an interest to some photos!

John Peri
Maybe you were passing by By Steven!

John Peri
Definitely better. I'll change the original, thank you.

Steven Barall
Why is she smelling her armpit? I guess this is supposed to be a commentary on body image but is it that she wants to be like the woman on the billboard or is it that she just wants to be with her? Is she jealous or forlorned? What's the correct type of yearning here? That woman on the billboard is very healthy looking so I don't buy her as the object of derision and also I don't really think that your model is in love either. I really have no feels about her and whatever her plight may be. All I can think is that she needs a bowl of pasta and a beer, and not a lite beer either. And why is she smelling her armpit?

C. Daunis
John, you are getting some serious mileage out of that billboard! This is a fabulous shot, both of the model and her engagement with the billboard.

John Peri
I agree Obi, thanks.

John Peri
Regarding Steven; Stephan, what can one do on a public site, there will always be a percentage of people that just seek attention for themselves. This one spent a total of 10 days on Photo net !

Peter Bernik
6/7 Bravo! Very original. Great story behind it, composition is very good.

Bodyline Photos
I prefer this image in the series, for me at least I find it very engaging. Her body language indicates a feeling of lonlieness.Very nicely executed as is the whole series

Jerry Matchett
John, I hadn't looked at this before. It is one of your most powerful compositions. I feel the longing of the model to look like the poster image. Very powerful indeed!

John Peri
Jerry, that's an interesting perspective .. thank you. Funny you say that, I remember that she did actually comment on the model opposite in endearing terms ..

Andrew Piotrowski
I don't know about changing the original. I think that the black frame makes this picture look more natural. I like it the way it is. Just my opinion.🐬

John Peri
View from the window .

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