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by Kasanitsky Chaba

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Published: Sunday 29th of October 2006 02:57:58 AM


Rakesh Syal
Stunning capture of beautiful and exotic landscape, Chaba!! Best regards!

Ali Soltani Farani
Lovely photo. the light and colors are great. congrats.

Mehmet Akin
hello very nice..congrats.

A.K. Sircar
Spectacular capture of beautiful landscape. Very good exposure,magical light and color contrast,Chaba. Next time,I visit USA, I should not miss this spot:-)

Michael Meneklis
Very nice composition , colors and DOF. Regards Michael.

Gaetan Chevalier
7/7 It is so beatiful, very nice light and colors. Bravo!

Cherlyn .
I think that this is a fine shot, esp the shaft of light from the top, beaming on the boaters.

Marcus Tate
nice feeling to it The digital manipulations leave something to be desired. The darkening at the bottom and right do not look natural. The contrast in the furthest point upriver is too strong in comparison with the haze that would have been present to create the shaft of light. The composition is perfect. Foreground is over sharpened. As is the boat and it's occupants. I think it was front focused and you over sharpened the overall image, then continued to shaper the further points? It looks better as a smaller image. But is very nice. Since you were offended by the 3/3 critique I thought an explanation was in order for my giving it a 4/4.8 You need to take whatever rating you are going to get if you want to ask for critiques. Sometimes we have an attachment to an image that the viewer doesn't have and sometimes the viewer is wrong or too harsh. It really doesn't matter in the end. Are you pleased? Chin up! Nice shot!

Eppo Smit
Very very nice

CT Pehlivan
WooooW Awesome photo my friend.Well Done.

Pep Mir
Nice colour, composition...and light is wonderful.

Jonathan Farmer
This is a very nice image but I find the rocks in the foreground strange in exposure. Did you adjust them with Photoshop? If so try adjusting levels. this is a good shot. Don't let the 33 rater get you down, they have issues to deal with and need help.

Ruud Albers
A beautiful shot with very nice lighting, Chaba! Best regards, Ruud.

Chaba Kasanitsky
Thank you an other 3/3 for rating, but you should ask permission from your parents to visit this site, the photo.net is for adults only. Go and watch the Sesame Street.

Pulok Pattanayak

Kolby Cole
Movie poster for Jurassic park IV.. Great job, great depth, amazng scenery.. Cheers.. Cole

Chaba Kasanitsky
Hello 3/3, you won't miss me !

Richard Hans
Superb details, fantastic capture, Chaba!!! Best regards.

J.K. York
this shot pulls me into it and thats what you want. great control here Chaba over all the elements that make this shot- composition, light, and color (and lack of color). very well done, don't let the 3/3 ghost get to you. regards, J.K.

Alec Ee
I remember the muscular boatmen carrying and sliding the boat over rocks on the shallow waters. A hard day's work to earn a living as we are enjoying ourselves in the boat. Gave them a big tip after the trip. They deserve it, thanks for the memories Chaba. Lovely photo - sorry no sevens to give so here's a 6/6

Sally Delacruz
Chaba... I found your Pagsanjan Falls. I've got to visit this place... sally

Biswajit Pandey
Beautiful view, very nice shot. Regards

Miroslav Kalinaj
Stones in front??

I guess everybody already mentioned it is nice shot, good composition, colors etc etc. I'm wonderig how intensively you altered curves on this image, your grey stones in front are just completely shifted somewhere to kind of strange tonality and I'm sure it is not like it was when you took the shot. Actually all your shadows are completely shifted (e.g. right corner down where even green was affected). Good subject but badly processed image.

Chaba Kasanitsky
Jungle adventure! Pagsanjan river Philippines. Thank you !

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