Zs 501

by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 28th of October 2006 09:55:22 PM


John Peri
Well, one of them was already there Tammy !

Currents Serene
Yeah, this is going to be one of my favorite John Peri images. It's the billboard that does it for me. It creates a storyline for the image that my imagination can run with -- if I saw that out my window everyday, maybe I would be in the mood too, lol! I love the negative space on the left side, too, because it hints at boredom within the room. I probably would have cropped a little of the blank wall out on the left so that it was not quite that big. But I love this.

Al Li
Just an excellent photo. Beautifully composed and wonderful technique.

Pawel Sawicki
Beautiful photo John. And I am not going to write about how the billboard from the outside fits the scene, or how good the composition is. It's just great picture.

Alon Eshel
Wonderful . The new background works perfectly

Alberto Quintal
Very good composition with the background,John, great light and exposure. Cheers. Alberto

Rob Wray
John As always John, great images that make you sick with envy :p Rob

David McCracken
...exchanging glances... I guess you knew you were going to take this! Perhaps the model looking out, (looking back) at the billboard would make a good shot too!


Steve P.
Nice. Excellent shot. I like the subtleness of her shadow on the wall and how it mimics the billboard. Great composition. Congrats.

Pat Merz
Then let's hope she reads this... I like the somewhat unusual pose combined with the casual glance ... and of course, the pose brings out all the best of the marvelous female form. However, now that I look at the image again, maybe I would have shifted the camera slightly so that we see more of the window, less of the white wall, which would also move the model off center to the left more, which probably could add more dynamics to the pose.

Fran Garcia
excellent work John

John Peri
Pat, all my models follow the comments, since I introduce them to photo net before photographing them. That's what is sometimes the problem and not everyone has the elegance to understand that, though it is not pertinent in this case of course ... :-)

Omar Havana
great picture, and once more, nice composition with the picture on the street, nice tones and very nice model too, thank you john for this great shot

Alessandro Della Casa
Great Model and light. The billboard is the cherry on the pie...

Pat Merz
Nice composition ... the white spaces (wall, heating, windowframe) are nicely complimented with the colors of the building outside and the bookspines. Extremely gorgeous model. I wish I could say how beautiful she looks, and to give her my regards, but I know you would be against that ;) Regards, Patrick

Paul Louis Villani
Love the setup! Great composition John!

Tammy V.
You clever man.

Massimo Santoni
Simply beautiful!

Symon Chow
Sweet ah, lovely lovely Theda :) You've got great light in that room of yours!

Sweid Sideris
New York perhaps? Such a captivating body language, and such a delicate light managing. Your style in a pinnacle with this play between the cold-bw-outside nude and the warm-color-inside nude.

John Peri
Room with a view .

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