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by Peri John

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Gallery: The loneliness of a big city ... ( New York and other places ..)

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Published: Saturday 28th of October 2006 05:53:52 PM


Robert Farnham
Excellent photo accompanied by a poignant observation. I hope NYC is treating you well and you're getting a chance to see the sights outside, as well as inside, the apartment.

Amar Khoday
John, I like the overall tone (mood) of the series. Like, Ken, I also like the vignetting and agree about the cloning out of the carpet.

Umair Ghani
peri, awesome poetic description about NYC. but ur photo describes more about this great city's mood & style. beautiful illustration. regards!

Maria Conversano
Love the soft light and the composition! Exellent image!

Tanya Truong
John! that's ...deeep, and i am sure a lot of people can identify with "the poetry of life" that you have mentioned above. It makes me feel very sad to know such situation is quite common. Very graceful model, and her pose seems effortless. My admiration to both the model and the photographer. Warm regards, Tanya.

Alberto Quintal
Lovely John. Alberto

John Peri
Ruben, thanks, unfortunately, I don't think that this photo is very good whether plugged or not so, but in the way presented above, it is very reminiscent to me of some of the loneliness that I have sensed around here ... and this model expresses it beautifully. The only problem is that I am posting from a laptop and I cannot judge the light or the contrast.

John Peri
There is a time and a place for everything. My belief is that most people would like to limit PN to being used as a photo discussion group.

Stuart Duffy
Master You're still the master Mr Peri! The wire... plug... seems to be a distraction! I still find you an inspiration, thank you for continuing

John Peri
Thank you Biliana, I have tried to push this theme further, but have just removed another picture because of the usual reference to irrelevant body parts of the model and some clownish remarks from another. What can one do? One has to accomodate to a common denominator on a site like PN.

David McCracken
From the pond life... The clown can read. (This one can at least!) I thought it was the job of the clown to make people laugh. You didn't seem to be laughing at my words but I am sure laughing at yours. All this makes me wonder who the clown is?

David McCracken
Discussion With the exception of the remark I made above (and this one) I am fairly sure I do discuss only the photographs. However, sometimes the discussion takes over. Certainly the discussions are far more interesting than the photographs. Perhaps if you didn't tell people what they should be seeing and tell people how much of a great artist you are, you might just get the odd honest remark. FIN as they say in France.

John Peri
The poetry of life I am intrigued by the notion of this beautiful girl alone with her solitude in a large open space in a semi-state of undress. She is offering herself, but there is no one to offer to, so she is left alone with her sexuality, feeling useless, until all that remains is herself ... she cringes and rolls up seeking comfort in her own proximity. It's nostalgic and sad, but it's beautiful, because it is largely representative of a certain reality today that one can identify with. It is the inevitable poetry of life.

Ken Thalheimer
This bespeaks the title & theme well John. I like the vignetting in this which helps draw the attention to her. Only nit would be to clone that piece of carpet out at left

John Peri
I am sometimes surprised at the lack of tolerance some people express, that they seek so desperately for themselves. And oh, how I wish they would seek attention under their own work.

Mel Dickey
view John, Love this whole series,the images you have posted at this point do speak so well of the story line created.... This is a wonderful catpure. The atmosphere of the room, her dress and lighting.. A young lady alone in her home in a somber state of mind. Thumbs UP to the both of you here.

John Peri
New York is an overwhelming city with vast resources ... but it is also a very lonely place

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