ZE 545

by Peri John

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Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Saturday 28th of October 2006 02:32:58 PM


John Peri
Im not sure it has much to do with this picture Milo, but that's a good question. I like Grey Flanel by Geoffrey Beene. it's an American fragrance but I can't find it anywhere in New York and I am desperate! Maybe the models will stop turning up.

Umair Ghani
splendid work!!! so elegently she poses in good light & dramatic atmosphere. brilliant exposure. regards!

Neil Peters
wonderful contrast and natural light, dang. didn't know the sun had come back to NY since the Yankees flamed out :)

Pawel Sawicki
I really like that one. There is some abasurd in this photo. Absurd in the pose of model - absoletely beautiful. Great photo.

John Peri
Thanks Faisal! Pawel, yes it's absurd. it's reminiscent of the kind of poses that were popular in the thirties .... dancing, with flowers, loops and other props ....

Milo G
Thoughts John, where can I get some of your cologne?

Al Li
John You sure know how to get wonderful accomendations, such large lovely windows. May I borrow your apartment in New York and in Paris. I just love the beautiful natural light. The graceful lady is wonderfully posed. Another beautiful image.

John Peri
Hy Jim, I have this dreadful zoom lens which distorts many of my images, I guess one day I will have to change it. I would certainly love to have a photo of yours framed on my wall, and hopefully signed, but I don't think it would add very much here. At any rate, it would have difficulty competing with the giant poster of Kate Moss just outside my window. As for the model ... she's just passed by in front the fireplace, goodness knows who she is in real life and where she came from.

Tanya Truong
I think this is going to be the hotest, most popular bookshelve in NYC now John. John, you make other photographers in America have to work harder now ;o). Tanya.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Elegant pose of a graceful lady. Great light and composition.

David McCracken
If I may.... Jim, John says, "As for the model ... she's just passed by in front the fireplace, goodness knows who she is in real life and where she came from." I can tell you from this comment exactly who she is.... Santa Claus.

Anthony J Deffina
It would have been nice if you had pointed that out before I decided to be bad this year David. So many artistic elements in this John! The beauty and grace of a woman, dance, literature, architecture, even the heater vents looking like a piano bring music to mind. How very cool! My favorite of your NY photos so far. With Respect, Anthony

Milo G
Thoughts Ah yes John. Grey Flannel is good. I used it a lot in the early 80's. Come to think of it I met a lot more women then. It's available in Canada. Try Tabac. Quite unique.

David McCracken
Dare I say... She certainly is at ease with her mobility. To strike this pose and look so relaxed is a very neat acheivement, you'll agree. The vertical closest to the model 'seems' to be a little out. I know they can't all be vertical but that one would have been good. One of your best. Really!

John Peri
Books and other One of the wonderful young ladies that have graced my apartment since my arrival in New York ..

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