by Pew J. Glenn

untitled seeking critique pew j glenn

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Category: Transportation

Published: Saturday 28th of October 2006 05:38:49 AM


August Horvath
The composition conveys the action, the noise, the crowds, and the experience of an airshow. That's good. But my goodness, the tones and colors are so dull. Just hitting the auto levels button in PS and bumping the color saturation by 25 gives the attached result, which is so much more lively and closer to what you originally saw.

Peter Galuszewski
Great shot, especially per the reasons August gave... However, I personally prefer the original colour rendition. Matter of taste of course.

J. Glenn Pew
Thanks, August. My sony was a bit overzealous with the reds out of the camera, and I may have responded with an overzealous desaturation. I suppose many tastes prefer images with colors that "pop."

J. Glenn Pew
focus and don't forget to duck

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