St. Sophia, Harbin, China (built 1905)(color version)

by Downs Jim

st sophia harbin china built color version seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Monday 23rd of October 2006 06:40:07 PM


Baerbel Kavanaugh
Nice, Jim! I prefer the colour version. The green roofs are unusal, I have only seen those type of churches with blue roofs. Well done. :)

Pierre Dumas
As I promised! I promised you in reply of your today's comment on my picture "Just a rose - nothing else" that I will pay you back your high ratings,. but, alas I forgot that it isn't allowed! So, I picked this one which I estimate very good! Why not excellent?! Two reasons: First, about this kind of pictures, with extraordinary architectural buildings one never knows whom he's rating, the architect or the photographer and second - there are huge jaggies on the skies! It must be over compressing or using a digital zoom! However, it is a pure joy to look at this marvelous picture! And you have awaited a good lighting! Cheers my friend!

Jim Downs
Russsian Orthodox Church in China One of the few RO churches in China that survived the Cultural Revolution. Now a museum. Do you prefer this or the B&W version that I posted a couple of minutes ago?

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