"Off to a Race"

by Tsoi Wilson

off to a race seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 21st of October 2006 12:12:24 AM


J.C. Mellen
Always enjoy looking at your work Wilson, and this is no exception. Nicely done!!! And unbelievably underrated.

Don Lally
Do you need a special pass to go down on the feild when you shot all of these games?

Colin Carron
I like the close up effect here. Makes the action seem closer.

cyrus K
Wilson, Your confidence must be going through the roof and your hear made of gold to be willing to give satisfaction to these guys to put down 21 3s and 4s on photos like this! I really would like to challenge them one by one to take shots such as this. Cheers.

Wilson Tsoi
"Off to a Race" Beavers Split-End Sammie Stroughter (#19) pulls ahead of Huskies Cornerback Roy Lewis (#28) after making a catch. Stroughter had a career day with 223 yards from 7 catches. Oregon State upsets UW 27- 17 in last week's PAC-10 game.

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