by Prakarsa Rarindra

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Gallery: The Kids II

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Published: Thursday 19th of October 2006 02:54:09 PM


Roman ''Terrise" Golubenko
Great and fantastic portfolio!!

Yuliya Shevchenko
Excelent work, grate moment!

Dilip Kumar Singha
Excellent: Excellent composition, light and color. A great photograph. Congratulations! Rarindra, I have seen your last few photographs. The technique is almost the same, i.e. through strong light and smoke. Definitely you have mastered this art. I suppose in West Java, Indonesia, the weather is not so smoky. I wounder how the same environment is recreated again and again in your photograph?

Jan Piller
It moved me! I just signed up with Photo.net today specifically because I wanted to tell you how outstanding this photo is! (As is the rest of your portfolio!!) No other photo on this web site has moved me to sign up and comment until now. This is an amazing photo! Thank you for sharing!

Justin Johnson
Great Capture! Congrats! My best, Justin

Peter Wintergren
Amazing light and a very nice composition! A real masterpiece.

erwin bosman
most artistic indeed ! erwin

Peter Meade
Fabulous lighting and composition. Very good work. Regards. pete

bahhod Ahmed
One day I wish i could visit your beautiful country insha Allah ! Thank's for sharing. Ahmed.

Daniella Puente
Wonderful place and amazing photo, is a moment to treasure! regards Daniella

Vin Morgan
Beautiful! Innocent...

Gelu Vasile
excelent light and colors! best regards!

Tibor Almasy
I simply love this photo. Great story inthere. Congrats

Doug Oldham
Very nicely done.

Marinko Saric
HI Great photos,regards.

Kent B
extraodinary light and excellent composition. This is a winner.

Armand Leibovich
Wow You have your touch with the environment settings! Really great photograph.

Aimelle LM
I like the framing and composition , so refreshing ! I'm new here from today and so glad I've discover your gallery. I'm seduced by the way you work with light and vibrant colors. You have a way of making the most out of so simple moments, Keep up the wonderful work !

annamir abadaniell
Ayuh Bersama... Komposis yang amat mengangumkan...

Donna Black

Lovely shot as so many are in this portfolio.  Being from the southeastern US, I'm familiar with this atmospheric condition.  It is not caused by smoke, but by tremendous humidity.  I suspect nearly 100%.  When the strong equitorial sun cuts through the large overstory trees, and through the moisture in the air, the etheral shafts of light and generally misty appearance  is the outcome. Rarindra has used the circumstance to gorgeous effect. 

Rarindra Prakarsa
Our World Tank you. Terima kasih. met lebaran ah...

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