Graffiti in the bus-stop

by Vazquez Efren

graffiti in the bus stop street seeking critique vazquez efren

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Category: Street

Published: Wednesday 18th of October 2006 05:49:01 PM


Efren Vazquez
Olaf... Olaf. Thank you very much, again. Your advices are very good and I will bear them in mind for the following photos. Now already it is, but I like " not to manipulate them " after the eye saw it like that. A cordial greeting.

Olaf de Vries
Good seen Efren! Think of cropping on the right: nearly against the pole.. (leave the black strip) And upperside: untill the upperside of the blue bow. And the bottom..: you will see wat is needed. Good shot! Olaf.

Efren Vazquez
Graffiti in the bus-stop Thanks... for your comments.

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