Monarch Butterflies - Butterfly In Flight

by Harrington USA Massachusetts J.

monarch butterflies butterfly in flight flying wings seeking crit harrington usa massachusetts j

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Published: Tuesday 17th of October 2006 09:27:51 PM


Lennart. K.V. Bardal.
Very nice compo and colours. It is just beautiful.

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Rate it Please rate this image if you get the urge! Thanks, J.

gianpiero esposito
very well done. Ciao

Ellen van Deelen
The first time i see a butterfly "flying"! Very beautiful photo. (Thanks for your comment on my photo's. I was just thinking about selling them for the use of postcards. I have no clue where to start, and allthough i come from a "business-family" i am not a business-person at all! I will try to get some information about the subject :) Thanks again for your encouraging words.)

gina agulto
monarch butterflies you must have waited awhile to get this shot. it is easy to take a photo of a butterflies when they are still but difficult to take it when they are in flight. the colors of the butterflies complement the color of the flower. may i know what time of day you took this shot? thanks. gina

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Gina, It was late afternoon and overcast. On this particular day (September in Massachusetts) there were many a Monarch butterfly in the area, dozens. I did not have to wait long to catch some in flight.

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Monarch Butterflies in Flight Thanks for the comment Didi. Sold rights to this photo for use on the cover of this document a few months ago. They designer found the image here on, searching Google images for " butterfly in flight "

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
BUTTERFLIES CANON 100-400 L IS Comments and contructive critiques are welcome. This was the best of about 50 shots of Monarch Butterflies that day.

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