Songhua River at Harbin, China

by Downs Jim

songhua river at harbin china seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: China - NE (Harbin)

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Published: Sunday 15th of October 2006 04:34:12 AM


A.K. Sircar
Very good composition,GJ. Did you try to walk over these planks without life-jacket? :-)

Jim Downs
No problem. The temporary bridge was actually very sturdy! However, I imagine that someone who had a few beers might have a problem.

Jim Downs
Low Flow in Late Summer Where the Songhua River passes Harbin, China, it shrank to about 1/2 its normal width in September, 2004. To get to the boats that ply the riverfront for tourists, you had to walk 100 meters quite gingerly on planks that are delicately balanced on oil drums and old bridge footings.

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