In the twilight time

by Olsen Eskil

in the twilight time seeking critique olsen eskil

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Published: Wednesday 11th of October 2006 09:44:21 PM


Huy Tran
I think it is very nice, Eskil. Very peaceful photo with beautiful color. Best regards.

Becky Brill
This is beautiful Eskil. I saw the lights in Northern Wisconsin 2 weeks ago, but they dimmed by comparison to yours. I love the lighting. Becky

Kristoffer Klem Bergersen
fantastisk! fantastiske greier Eskil! dette er min personlige favoritt blant nordlysbildene dine, blaafargen gjenskaper paa en maate den kalde foelelsen du faar av aa staa ute i evigheter aa se paa nordlyset...! tror ikke jeg har sett bedre nordlysbilder, de er i hvertfall helt der oppe i toppen. kan det forresten vaere mulig at jeg har sett et av dine nordlys bilder i en reklame? det med teltet...! mvh kristoffer klem

Cary Maures
Very... Mystical...

andreas mixalopoylos
Wow Fantastic Bravo ....Andreas

Eskil Olsen
In the twilight time When the light is blue, I like this time of day to take photos, what du you think? Is this ok?

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