by Kovalik Martin

untitled seeking critique kovalik martin

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Published: Wednesday 11th of October 2006 09:08:40 AM


Mario Lopez
Nice image under a good lighting.

Stuart Williams
satin girl .. ... gratuitous breast? the same pose, same lighting, with the satin slip covering the breast might have been even more alluring ....

Philip Turner
Without the gratuitous breast it wouldn't get near the high ratings. Although ratings aside, I like the casual almost floating feeling of the model in this image. I think Martin has a particular knack for creating images which are very unassuming and unimposing. This is also one that fits into that category. As if you just dropped by to capture this young lady as she sat up in bed after a nights sleep (although the hair is a little too perfect for that). But I hope you get my drift on why the image works nicely for me, all gratuitous breasts aside...This provides the ultimate focus on what a gratuitous breast is all about.

Pawel Sawicki
Beautiful. Diagonal composition adds some dynamics and originality, but her expression is wonderful. Melancholy. And the hand gesture are really good.

Ramsey Kunkel
love the relaxed feeling to this. Nice angle

Martin Kovalik
satin girl

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