Lake Christopher, Maine

by Chayer Regina

lake christopher maine seeking critique chayer regina

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Published: Wednesday 11th of October 2006 02:19:37 AM


Michael Koplen
Nice colors This photograph captures a pretty scene..nice colors, blue canoe and some colored leaves, and a pretty reflection in the water. The ducks complete the peaceful atmosphere.

Regina Chayer
Larger view is best for detail. tks!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
You're right - the default size is nice, but the "larger" view is fabulous!! This is a gorgeous scene. The fall colors treat places like this so nicely. Thank you for sharing!

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
Lovely image ... I like the mist and reflections... beautiful Regina

Heather Flaherty
Makes me flat out 'homesick'.

Regina Chayer
Lake Christopher, Maine Where I used to swim as a child. Still as pristine now as it was 40 years ago. Your comments/critique welcome.

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