Sharp Shinned Hawk

by Melanson Jody

sharp shinned hawk seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Wednesday 11th of October 2006 01:27:00 AM


Dave Holland
When I saw this image I thought, I wonder if this might be a sharp shinned hawk. The narrow, long, pointed tail, the way the hands push out ahead, it all seems to fit the textbooks. Can't say I have ever seen one, as they don't travel to these parts. Great background, excellent clarity and lighting.

Flavio Lo Scalzo
Great shot!

Reencarnacion Cristalero
Una gran captura con muy buena nitidez y gran fondo , saludos

Ryan Watts
nice... very sharp, I really like the shape of the hawk. all in all, well done.

Ray Yeager
Great Catch Incredible clarity!

Keith Clemens
Beautiful photograph, Jody. I would be thrilled to capture a bird in flight like you did. Very well done.

Jody Melanson
Sharp Shinned Hawk Please view larger....

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