San Miguel de Allende Cityscape (please view larger)

by Downs Jim

san miguel de allende cityscape please view larger mexico seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: Latin America - Mexico City & Environs 12/03

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Published: Tuesday 10th of October 2006 08:46:29 PM


A.K. Sircar
Very good exposure,composition and colors,GJ. I like this cityscape because it is almost like a painting.

Jim Downs
Thanks Cherlyn. I often wonder if many viewers really care about the background info I provide on my travel photos. Thus, it is encouraging when I get comments from a visitor saying they appreciated the info I provided. A.K., I had the same reaction as you about this looking like a painting. The original does not have this effect. As best as I recall, I just fiddled with the contrast and saturation. All of sudden, it took on this look and I now consider it one of my best photos. However, only a handful of others seem to agree! Thank you both for your comments.

Cherlyn .
A good bird's eye view of the church & the surrounding & interesting description of the church :-)

Jim Downs
Perhaps some visitors think this is just a photo of a painting. It's not; it is the real thing. FWIW

jorge fernandez
Jim, A gorgeous tack Sharpe scene with beautiful colors. An amazing work of Art! Warm regards.

Jim Downs
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Cityscape (please view larger)The church is nicknamed the "Wedding Cake" church because of its multiple tiers and "icing-like" baroque ornamentation.

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