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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 8th of October 2006 08:34:37 PM


Pawel Sawicki
Very natural photo. The city outside look really well. She seems to be so omfortable. Good work, and very well composed.

Tomaz Palmer
OOH, la, la. Very nice. Tomaz

Mel Ancholy

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent..... specially the light use. Simply great.

John Peri
Thank you John. I am humbled by your words and undeserving praise. I am fortunate in having found a niche, as you call it, which calls upon the grace and generosity of my subjects in order to fulfil my goals. Even more reason for not receiving all the credit which is very largely theirs. My only contribution, if any, is in recognizing that special, sometimes elusive quality that all women possess, which is their tenderness and charm. I always maintain that a woman's sensitivity and fragile nature are not her weakness but her strength. It is what most often we men aspire to in ourselves and others, but lack the courage to display. As for writing style, well, you are the master here on PN, not to mention your photographic skills which are also quite exceptional.

Terry F
Interesting previous comments...georgeous model, incredible legs?? How can you tell that from this photo. And to me her pose looks forced and tense...the right arm especially. I see a few areas that seem too overexposed, overly highlighted and I'm particularly drawn away from her to the very white area of the building between her left arm and leg. Still in all, I like this photo and only wish I could like it more. Oh yeah, the "pose and position reflects her attitude and personality????" I need that one explained to me? From other photos, I know this model is indeed a beauty and does have fine legs. I just don't think it's so obvious in this instance.

john young
I love this image, the framing from the window the view and the pose and beauty of the model. I love your images and would love t o see a larger version of this.

John Crosley
'Decorticated' - 7/7 just for using that in a critique on Photo.net John, We co-exist on the same site but far from the same plane, but I wandered over here to give you one of my highest compliments -- that besides being a highly-skilled photographer, you are one of the finest writers around. You have skillfully (and appropriately) used the word 'decorticated' in a sentence, and, at the same time, have written excellently about the 'how' and 'why' of your image (and thus, by extension, nearly all your images). Though I seldom view the nudes on this site, being interested in my own niches, I occasionally wander over because I recognize that you are far from being a panderer of female flesh; you are an artist and the camera is your chosen instrument. Your subjects mostly happen to be beautiful young women (and some very much older ones too, but always quite lovely), and that attracts throngs of viewers, many of whom may not recognize you for the artist you truly are. Oh, yes, they may be saying to their wives, "Peri's an artist, therefore I don't look at the women with 'lust in my heart'" as Jimmy Carter once said he did about Playmates to an interviewer for Playboy, but mostly the male viewers do have lust in their hearts, but it's not an abnormal lust, not do you appear really to be a panderer at all. You are a man who portrays each female you show with greatest respect and it shows not only in your photography but in your writing, and by extension, as your critiques above show, it extends to your viewers and commentators. In ways you have written about, you are blessed with some of the world's most beautiful models, you photograph in a country that is not overcome with religious zeal (at least from its Northern European contingent while it remains in the majority, which means for the time being at least), and there are different attitudes where you photograph than we are stuck with here in the United States. And one can only wonder at the vast industry that is 'sex' in the United States from the febrile (and mostly disrespectful) outpourings of the porn industry in the San Fernando Valley, to the ever present sex-filled magazines sent to us by (mostly) New York publishers, to the over saturation of our television shows and advertising by references to 'sex', portrayals that allude to or suggest 'sex', photos of beautiful women that are sexually suggestive, suggestions that we buy products that will make us more 'sexually' attractive etc. ad infinitum, yet there is eternal squawking, both here and elsewhere if someone actually broadcasts a bare breast with a nipple, and great big FCC fines should that happen over public airwaves, or say a few 'offensive' words which carry stultifying fines for a solo emission, even nocturnally, based on even one prude's complaint to the FCC. And God help the movie producer who shows a male penis (unless, as in the movie 'The Piano' it's somehow distributed by a major movie studio as a pet project, because the major studios control the 'rating' system here) because without that ratings helping hand' such a movie will be slapped with an NC17 rating -- the equivalent of an 'XXX' rating, preventing it from ever being shown in more than a scant number of 'art' movie theaters -- and maybe any hope of ever making a profit. Ours, here in America, is a schizophrenic society about sex. Yours is a more direct, open, honest and dare I say, 'respectful', society in its portrayal of sex and sexuality. I can only envy very much that you are open, direct and honest about your relationship to your models, the sexuality they portray, and that you are fully cognizant about the feelings your photos evoke in your viewers and how respectful you are of those evocations and feelings. Which is why I began this comment in the first place. As well as to compliment you on the excellent writing style in which you have shown such respect. John (Crosley)

C. Daunis
It's not just the woman, it's the construction of the image.

John Peri
What dreams are made of ... Terry, I appreciate the intellectual honesty and thank you for spending so much of your time on this picture. However, I think that you are being a little unfair and possibly unecessarily sarcastic in this particular case. In photos such as this, I will not attempt to define a category, a large part of the impact depends on the viewer's ability to dream. So often I feel that I have seen something, when in reality I have seen nothing at all. It is the strength or weakness of an image, irrespective of it's technical qualities. In this particular case, we have a young lady, undressed, of young and innocent demeanour, staring out of the window into the darkness of the void. To me personally, that evokes a flood of memories and feelings from my younger days, some of which motivated me to take this picture, others that appeared as a consequence. I don't think that this particular style of photo needs to be decorticated to that extent. Photographically speaking, it is very average, possibly even less than that, which obliged me to change it's colour and make some other changes, as I wrote to Tammy. If it evokes any interest to the reader, it is only because of what each one of us identifies with in the image. Do not destroy people's dreams. If someone sees long legs, a kind heart or whatever so be it, they are what hope is based on. The photograph per se does not deserve more attention, however it does possess a message. Tammy has astute photographic skills. What she and possibly others like is what the photo makes her feel. I guess she was once a student too, staring out bare and defenceless with melancholia in anticipation at what lies beyond ... knowing that she can never again return. As for that white area, ha ha .. I probably forgot it - thanks!

Tanya Truong
John... ...just reading some comments above and others, your photography has made you much larger than life. My admiration and envy, John ;o). I will pray each day to good health for you so that we can appreciate your artwork for a long time. I love this image. Great composition and her long, slender body is just sweetly gorgegous (i think i can imagine myself in this pose :o)). Your fan, Tanya.

Al Li
John I am a man of little words, just apperciation of your subjects and and photographic skills. I like the view at your window and the view out the window. Another beautiful image. Alex

David McCracken
Not much to say here... You've been busy John. Not a lot to say other than I like it.

Tammy V.
John, I think this might be one of my favorites. Is it possible to see the color version of this one?

John Peri
Viewfrom the attic ?

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