Zs 61

by Peri John

zs seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Strange fantasies

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 8th of October 2006 11:01:54 AM


Richard Deng
A striking image to be sure, the human body as graphic art.

John Peri
The only PS work carried out on this photo was on the colours, so I don't see what I could change.

Thomas Collins
As always, outstanding work John. The skin tone in this artistic version is a bit posturized but I love the overall effect. :-) Made my night! Thomas

David McCracken
Colours... I think your PS needs work but I do like the colours.

Tanya Truong
Wow! how many couches one can have?. How many models can one get?!!!. John, I start thinking that i should collect more couches so i can get...lucky :o) (you know, i don't have any couch, and therefore, not much model neither ;o)). Neil has said it well for me. Lovely model and she really stands out. Warm regards, Tanya.

John Peri
Not really David, but don't worry. In simple words, I did the contour to preserve the body and then changed the colours on each side of those contours. No other PS work, so I don't really see what else needed more attention, though I'm terribly amateur at PS work in general.

Leonardo Villalobos
perfect shot !

David McCracken
John OK! You didn't ask John. However I suspect when you chnaged the colour you just changed what is NOW green without removing the girl first. Since the orange is very close to the colour of the model's skin and the orange is also reflected onto her skin, the interface between model and couch is pronounced. Had you removed the girl from the picture before changing the colour of the couch the interface would not have been so pronounced when you put her back. I hope that helps you understand my original comment!

Neil Peters
Thanks for showing the original John, that's a big help to us newbies to PS. What it did was make her jump out and give depth to her skin tones. And making the background deeper blue gives the green couch nice impact. Her pose adds interest, and once again, great eyeflow. The higher perspective makes it all work (you must be standing on a box) and the ideal composition allows it to breathe. Really nice :) neil

John Peri
Actually, on the coffee table !!

Isaac Madera
love the pose and mood that has been set.

micharl modes
New salvidor dali? John your wotk is wonderfully refreshing and inspiring michael r. Moses

Marc G.
Interesting... I like the angle and the pose very much. The Pshop version is fun, the original is fine as well. My only concern would be the floor - that corner top right, I mean. Regards, and thanks for your detailed comment - I tried to reply... Cheers.

John Peri
Graphic energy .

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