ZS 55

by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 8th of October 2006 09:53:47 AM


Pawel Sawicki
Feminine or not... Hard to say. I like the yellow curtain yellow shoes combination , but I think that the situation look little bit weird, not spontaneous and natural. The model is a beauty from that perspective and the picture is original, a bit different than classical. Different is good for me. Despite it is not a masterpiece I find the words of critics rather unjust.

Tomaz Palmer
Well John I think there's some truth in what D.Munteanu said. I think the pose is a bit awkward, too. I think it lacks subtlety that is so characteristic about some of your images. But on the other hand it's not worse than some other shots in your portfolio. Expectations are high on you - we should cut you some slack - you can't just punch 7/7 photos. Well I'm ready for your next shot, perhaps that one will be better, perhaps not. Either way, no big deal. Tomaz p.s. Check out the shoe size.

M Swift
I don't know if the pose is so awkward as much as things seem to be all bunched up at the left what with the model, curtains, plant and door frame. If she were in the same pose leaning over a railing I don't think there would be a problem. Great model, John. I wish I had your talent and getting them to pose :-)

D. Munteanu
Far from being one of your best works -- aside from the highlight clipping in the background and the lack of subtlety (both chromatic and narrative), it just seems like a staged, not so well thought out and not so feminine posing. It's below average, in my opinion.

John Peri
I certainly don't expect you to like them all and there are many I don't like myself, but I am a little surprised about the "not so feminine posing" remark. I would like to hear what anyone else would have to say about that. Thank you for the comment.

Spider Seventy one
you have some great photos, they can't all be the best ones! i like the pose, looks feminine to me!

David McCracken
A room with a view... Sorry John! I am who I am. A lovely view it is. Maybe we should compare Mr Munteanu's bottome for comparison... Second thoughts... maybe not.

Terry F
Come on Dave...no need to attack D.Munteanu. He is critical of the pose, not the poser. John, as I sit looking at this photo I can't help having my eye drawn away from the subject to those bright yellow shoes...I say barefoot would be much better or at least something more subtle. As for positioning everything to the left, I would tend to agree with the others though I'm probably not as bothered by it as they are.

John Peri
A view outside .

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