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Published: Saturday 7th of October 2006 08:44:50 PM


John Peri
Take an aspirin and go to bed Giorgio. It's late.

Steve Ward
sw a shame that commentaery has slipped so far from the subject at hand. This is an intersting photo. I experiment a lot, and post only a few. You have had so many fine photos that I think tis one suffers from its horizontal perspective. The darkened rooms cause the model to be small in the frame. The usual "rapport" that comes through in so many of your photos is more difficult to see in this one. Would you conside a crop to a vertical inage, and let the model fill the frame?

David McCracken
Doors to freedom... John, I know you won't thank me for saying this but I actually find the pointless comments very entertaining. You do attract your fair share of the uninformed. I do often wonder why you give them time. To this photograph... It is not one of your best. It seems hurried and snapshotish. I like the idea of the 'doors to freedom.' I know you can do better.

giorgio carradori
i stopped to take photos of flowers many years ago; so my photos are very old, before digital cameras. never photographed insects. At present i am a successful publisher of photographic books containing photos made by other people. Unfortunately I cannot appreciate from your photos any revelation of the personality of the subjects, and any particular introspection by the photographer; also glamour is rarery reached

giorgio carradori
why not sometimes, changing subject, e. g. insects?

giorgio carradori
i simply repeated my critique as your first photo has been cancelled. i like and appreciate all the subjects, certainly not only flowers. My irony toward you was because it seems to my that a talent like you, repeating photos with the same subject, appears to me progressively loose inspiration.

giorgio carradori
technically talented; not talented in humanity; I cannot post photos of photographers I publish. Bored

John Peri
Giorgio, this is the second time within an hour that you make this pointless remark. It is really not my fault if your photos of insects and flowers do not get the attention you believe they deserve. This is my subject, you have yours. Now try to show some compassion towards others. Thank you however for rating my photo. Every time you do that, a photo becomes more visible. Some others, unlike you, are interested in artistic nudes.

John Peri
Really, in that case stop photographing insects and flowers! Try being ironic towards yourself Giorgio. It takes more courage.

Al Li
Insect vs. women... I think I will choose photographing beautiful women, all day long. It is actually not a choice I would ever even consider. John, your photos always inspires me, and this one is no different. Love her pose and the way you work with your models. Cheers, Alex

John Peri
How strange then that you should call me talented just a few lines above!! Now that's enough Giorgio. Please go and shed your frustrations somewhere else, no one is interested in this nonsense. If you want attention, post some of your "succesful" photos rather than the oldies (sic), and people will visit your pages.

Alberto Quintal
Very good, John. Alberto

John Peri
Hard to keep a straight face when told you should be photographing insects, so you humour them! Interesting comment Steve. Overall the image is a little too heavy. Removing the door to the left, the lamp and some other bits and pieces would probably help, but I did want the model to blend into the background. All credit to the model, the pose is good, and it could probably stand alone.

John Peri
Nude study in black and white

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