Baby Stare!

by Paul Martin

baby stare seeking critique paul martin

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Published: Saturday 7th of October 2006 07:37:58 PM


Pawel Sawicki
Funny and really effective. Great face expression and of course the eyes. Great photo Martin.

Barbara D
What a Sweetie! When I saw this it made me LOL! What a great expression! You captured it wonderfully! The lighting is great. The life in that childs eyes is priceless! Congrats on a superb shot!

Anna Kowalczyk
Amazing look. It's a pity that all head isn't in frame.

Eric Dupin
Impressive ! I hope you've don't drug this nice baby...

Julio Segura Carmona
6/6 Excelente retrato del baby, perfecta luz y color, belleza de encuadre, gran composicion, saludos cordiales Martin.

Mark Boyer
This is an absolutely fantastic shot. What an expression! And what detail. The light in the eyes makes it.

Martin very Beautiful...

Rob Duyser
;) great one. beautiful eyes

lovely he is so lovely

Alpo Syvänen
Priceless little chap and the capture is such also. I have never ever seen such a wonderfull expression on 4 month old babys face. Simply wonderful. Congratulations for the baby and for the image!

Sergei Sogokon
I would have called it "I've seen THE WONDER!" Cheers! Very amusing shot, Martin!Well done!

Marc G.
I think this is really quite a unique picture ! I love the expression. My only regret is the skin smoothening...:-( Was it really necessary ? Could you just post it as unmanipulated ? Or if you want to correct a few things on his skin, do it on a separate copied layer, then bring down the opacity of the copy. It will be much more natural. Let me know if you post a new version of this one, please. I'd love to see it. Regards.

John Crist
This is hilarious,great color. It makes me want to keep staring back at it.Well done.

serkan mutan
:) :)) very nice...congratulation

Amanda Ferrell

Daniella Puente
The expression is fabulous, as the close up details, very good! Regards Daniella

Stefania Ruzzi
What a cute expression,great portrait!

Paula J.
This baby is a character. An absolutely adorable character!

Martin Paul
Baby Stare! I know, he looks crazy, he's only 4 months Please comment!

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