Jumping Spider

by Melanson Jody

jumping spider seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Friday 6th of October 2006 11:08:43 PM


Roger Aylstock
Well Jodi, "cute" wasn't the word that came to mind ;-) Fantastic shot though!

Pawel Sawicki
Cute indeed. It looks like having hard time and a sad expression. Wondewrful in detail and lovely sharpness on his 2 pair of eyes :)

Rafik Kamel
Jody this is a great shot with so much details, looks to me as if he is wearing a crown, welldone, regards, RK!

David McIntyre
ring light? Wonderful portrait, Jody. Diana: Unless Jody says otherwise, I suspect the "pupil" effect is a result of the reflection of a macro ring light in the spider's eyes.

Gilles P
Nice work as usual, Jody, but a larger version would be appreciated.

Diana D.
Great Capture Wow! This is great. Are those his pupils you see in the middle? I always knew spiders had camera eyes but I never had the chance to notice it. Thanks for sharing :)

Jana Vanourkova
Incredible creature ! The eyes look actually very clever, his head is like a beautiful diamond ring. Thank You for taking us to this macro world full surprises about how the nature is perfect, cheers Jana

Jody Melanson
Right you are David, homemade ring flash out of cardboard. Thanks all!

Biatch Biatch
great! great!

Jody Melanson
Jumping Spider Isn't he cute?

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