Malang Baba

by Ghani Umair

malang baba canon eos d lahore mm f seekin ghani umair

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Published: Friday 6th of October 2006 07:33:30 AM


Ali Soltani Farani
Excellent, dear Umair! So clear.
Regards. Ali.

Julio Segura Carmona
7/7 Perfecta retrato de gran belleza, luz, color y un excelente encuadre, magnifica composicion, saludos cordiales Umair.

Ruud Albers
A really excellent portrait, Umair! Best regards, Ruud.

Babis Babis
Excellent portrait ! Bravo !

Umair Ghani
include me in that list as well, dear karl [ i'm still not sure where i belong ]. regards!

Umair Ghani
" what a face ", said i as i spotted this old malang wandering inside naeem centre, lahore. since some weeks, it has become a habit 2 carry camera all the time. minutes before this shot i had missed a very impressive old man with burning sticks & balms 4 blessings. the guy refused 4 a photo & i didn't insist. but this one really blew me out. nadeem butt, a friend, ran 2 bring him back 2 me, while i rushed upstairs 2 2nd floor where i kept my camera bag moments earlier. i asked 4 a photo & the old man shyly agreed. my hands trembled several times as i tried 2 focus on his powerful simplicity & mixed emotions. it moved me in many different ways. regards!

Guillermo Lobera Temes
A good portrait.

Teresa Zafon
Beautiful portrait Umair. Great colour and lighting, and the most important so much feeling in this. Regards, Teresa

Karl Schuler
It makes me think. I know, there are different people praying for me. Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, my Mother. Thank you all. Karl

John Peri
What a poignant portrait So much feeling and emotion in this portrait. It would take long to analyse his mood. Sadly, I read a certain resignation in his look, but hopefully it can serve to enhance our awareness too. A striking and powerful image. A credit to photography.

Nezif Tamson
bravo congratulation for take a good foto.i thing this is excellent.congratulation agin.brawo.superrr...

Alec Ee
7/7 You're right Umair, powerful and very well done. Unable to give 7/7.

Rakesh Syal
EXTRAORDINARY!! Great study and portrait, Umair Bhai!!! 7/7 Congrats!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wonderful portrait :) The lighting & clarity are excellent. Nice job!

Mehmet Akin
hello very good..congrats.

Excellent work, Malang. I have been couple of times in Pakistan and know the nice Pakistani people. This melancholic portrait reminds me of those times. Very emotional picture, reflecting a deep personality of the model. This picture really reflects the mood and soul of Pakistan. Congratulations.

Pawel Sawicki
The portrait is rich in many detail telling the story. His glasses are amazing so as the colours. The hands on the stick give him so much dignity of an older man. Really good work Umar.

B.C Okmen

Razaq Vance

Umair Ghani
well, may not b that poor at all. in fact, we all r in search of the wealth he has. " rags 2 riches ", i've heard, but " rags r riches ", these hermits/ sufis/ malangs & babas prove. soul, peace, nirvana, shakti...these people seem 2 have experienced all of them..they r harmless, loving, chanting praises of Almighty, just wander around, if someone drops charity in their hands or pours flour in the ragged bag, they gently pray 4 the blessings 2 b bestowed upon that family, & move on. regards!

amir mukhtar
eye contact through a cracked glasses and a innocent smile tells a whole story. rich portrait of a poor man. regards. amir.

Ariel Dennis Azada Xhua
Amazing Portrait This is a very powerful image, couldn't say more than the other but it really touched me. It continues to move me as his eyes is piercing even more as I look closely. Excellent. Congrats Umar! /Ariel

Marina Poblacion
The broken glass and the cross-eyed enrich the history this pic is telling.

muhammad azhar hafeez
u always win the game nice portrait goodluck

A.K. Sircar
Umair Bhai,you have realised a a great Truth.Innner wealth and contentment are more lasting and worth-getting.Excellent portrait.

Gaetan Chevalier
7/7 Excellent portrait, well done. Bravo!

Olaf de Vries
Your traveling Pakistan already would have been worth for "only" this.

Mukul Dube
Fine picture. The monochromatic look is specially attractive.

Kombizz Kashani
A fantastic capture.

Umair Ghani
Malang Baba malangs r a creed of sufism. they wander aimlessly on the streets, careless of worldly affairs & desires. people give them charity, food & clothing & they prey 4 them in return. comments/ critique/ ratings r welcome.

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