Fishingboat decoration reflections

by Soini Hannu

fishingboat decoration reflections seeking critique soini hannu

Gallery: STREET

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Wednesday 4th of October 2006 02:30:06 PM


Hannu Soini
Well... Thank You for your kind comment! The reflections of any kind offer many possibilities for experimenting. Here the basic idea was to have some of the real fishing boat/reflection left together with color. The material offers more possibilities as you can see from the following photos. Thank You again! cheers

Claude Corbin
I love to photograph fishing boats reflections, they always make beautiful abstracts, but don't seem to be much appreciated on PN. I think the trick is to keep the image as simple and clean as possible. Here, I think I would crop the top, just above the white patch on the left side, to put more emphasis on the red spot.

Hannu Soini
Decoration reflections Fishingboat decoration reflections by the pier. Comments are appreciated as always.

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