by Prakarsa Rarindra

untitled ship light indonesia beautiful sulawesi java mist prakarsa rarindra

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Published: Wednesday 4th of October 2006 12:38:55 PM


Ali Soltani Farani
Lovely colors, Rarindra! Regards.

Huy Tran
Very nice work, Rarindra. Best regards.

Colman Love
What Color! The color in this shot is breath taking. Your composition is flawless. Excellent work!

Ruud Albers
A really beautiful shot with a very nice sky, Rarindra! Best regards, Ruud.

narayanan meiyyappan
7/6 very beautiful !!

Pawel Sawicki
Colours and the sky... Wonderful work, and the man on the boat added some life to this beautiful picture-like image. Good work Rarindra, but I just keep saying that every time.

ronald adams
To me this is artificial. You have overused the contrast in software so the colours are oversaturated. Good composition.

Tri Drummond
Exellente Congratulation. I am no photographer but I love your collection.I will say thousands of thumbs for you Rarindra. Salut. Keep going. Where I can see more of your collection and visit your gallery in Indonesia? Are they possible to buy and order on line?

Kombizz Kashani
What a great landscape capture with wonderful tones of colors.

Rarindra Prakarsa
ACEH, a year after Tsunami This is river is Banda Aceh. In Dec 2004, thousands bodies drowned in this river. 200.000 people death there. My country was in huge problem and mourning in that time. This photo taken in Dec. 2005. Now, the city is in normal condition.

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