by Duczynski Maciek

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Gallery: Norway

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Category: Landscape

Published: Tuesday 3rd of October 2006 05:23:03 PM


Scott Doubt
Excellent shot - very tangible mood captured. Love it scott

sandra johnson
I like this photo because to me, it physically makes me feel not only cold and depressed, but isolated and lonely. Not that I normally feel that way but some photos just seem to stimulate your senses and this one does. Everything about this photo screams "barren" even though there is a boat house at the end of the road. One might want to believe that inside the boat house is a warm, cozy fire going, hot coffee and a comfy chair to cuddle up in to read a book or listen to music but to me, I don't get that feeling. It makes me curious as to what this would look like on a bright and sunny day. Great shot.

Maciek Duczynski
Norway Norway, West Coast, March '06

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