Exempted # 11

by Amelkovich Igor

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Published: Tuesday 3rd of October 2006 12:51:02 PM


Leonid Padrul
Unimaginable flight of grace in struggle against the violent nature! Transformation!

David McCracken
Never so pleasant... I am sure mining in the Urals was never so pleasant! Lovely!

Igor Amelkovich
Thanx! Yes, certainly, I used strobe head at the left, the red filter, and (-1) f-stop for sky.

Peepeye Photography

Julio Segura Carmona
6/6 Excelente imagen, perfecta luz, B/W, belleza de composicion y un magnifico encuadre, saludos cordiales Igor.

Howard Lipan
Highly stylized and absolutely first rate. This dramatic and arresting photo is more artistic creation than photographic capture and while my roots are in photojournalism, I appreciate all photographic genre when well done. I absolutely appreciate this fabulous image.

Igor Amelkovich

Great as always! Model Abzalova?

Kurt Kramer
It has been too long since you last treated us to your beautiful work. Glad to see you posting again. This is an amazing photograph, with dramatic lighting that is hard to understand. It appears that her hair is backlit and there even seems to be a backlit highlight on her left forearm. Is the after-the-storm sunlight, behind her, but out of the frame to our left? And then did you fill in with flash? A remarkable achievement and a beautiful image!

Sweid Sideris

Andre Torres
excellent !

allan jempson

behrooz gohardehi
perfect lightning. perfect object.

Philip Turner
Stunning Igor- Nice to see some of your new work. This is a stunning piece that almost seems to have been lit on a Hollywood sound stage! After delving into the image a little further I can see that this has been born in the real world. For that you should be applauded. All the elements have come together; earth, sun, sky and wind. Just an outstanding use of the female form against the stark contrast of the natural world. Lighting is also superb, it really appears as if the heavens have illuminated her form. Only one little nit-picky thing; the appearance of a wet or oily reflection from the inside right leg just doesn't seem as natural as everything else. But that is really minor in the overall scheme. Visually arresting! What bunch of idiots rates this image with two (3)'s!

Igor Amelkovich
www.amelkovich.com My personal site has started: www.amelkovich.com

Frank Hesjedal
This is definitively a very stylish photograph with a great model and great lighting. To me it is a very artificial pose the model is doing, but it works well. Awesome work.

Raymond Borg
great tones and composition. Very nice picture

Igor Amelkovich
Exempted # 11 Ural mountains. Bakal city. Mining area.

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