Monarch Butterfly

by Melanson Jody

monarch butterfly seeking critique melanson jody

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Category: Nature

Published: Thursday 28th of September 2006 11:19:26 PM


Jerry Beasley
I like the unusual "wings down" position. Technically excellent and original.

Sondra Kicklighter
Beautiful colors, good dof.

Scott Cromwell
What a rare and difficult capture. Since there's such a big difference in image quality, and at the same time little size difference from regular or large, you should upload this pic at 680 pixels wide. There's no compression whatsoever from at 680 or smaller.

Mary Fran Loggans
Wonderful capture! I've been trying to capture one in flight with no success, they all seem to be beautiful right now. Perhaps I'll purchase this from you and stop trying! The wings down position shows you the best of their colors in this shot.

Christopher Schlaf
Just amazing

Jody Melanson
Monarch Butterfly in flight Please view larger....

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