by Simon Janosch

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Published: Thursday 28th of September 2006 06:52:03 PM


Lee Jianmin
A piece of x'cellent art. Thanks for sharing. :p)

M Swift
Unreal. What an original pose. Congrats to you for such a fine image.

Ionita Razvan
I loved your pictures. This one (in my opinion) is not the best... looking at estetics composition. But... is the best at originaliti Before i post my picture ... i look at many pictures (like i said yours is one of my favorites pictures) and you and other photografers theach me how to see the picture. Thanks With respect Razvan Ionita (sorry about my language)

J Doyle
Praying Mantis Amazing creativity on the part of the photographer and model. The eye is compelled to go over and over the photo to understand it, perhaps because we know the form making the form is human, but the form the form makes is not human...it is insect-like, perhaps a praying mantis, which then elicits other associations to this female form.

Alan Willis
acrobatics Very nice image, my compliments to the model on her acrobatics.

Manuel Sambucini
be my god...fantastic composition and fantastic model..

Igor Amelkovich
Excellent! And original!

Gergely J
perfect stile 7/7

Alejandro Emilio Fernandez
7/7 Excelente composicion, belleza, poesia, sentimiento espacial poetico, magia.Un cordial saludo

eileena ni
amazing pose!!wonderful shot and view!I like it :d) warm regards eileena

Pawel Sawicki
Geometry of body. I really like that, as you don't really notice the nude, but concentrated on the body and its shapes. Interesting and original.

Leonid Padrul
The model is simply magnificent and moreover the artist who has thought up idea.

Jespe kristensen
Wooow Wooow, this photo is quir amazing.I have seen it several times and still i'm coming back. Rgds Jespe

Tim Everett
Love it, Great Pose, Very Original, great shot. It has to be a 7/7 from me. Well Done.

Mike Sirén
How come is possible that someone is giving this masterpiece 3 points? Is this rating system some kind of joke or what? I just dont get it anymore.

Gregg Knight
From this angle, great art. From the other end.... pornography! A great shot. Amazing just how different the human body can be in the presence of an artist.

Vladimir Gabrovski
Very, very NICE 6/7

Joe Moree
Wow....your model needs some major kudos for being able to hold this position so even for you take this shot.I love it. Now I look at the photo,I wish the lighting was as even as her body.Whenever I see symmetrical poses like this I want the lighting to equal out.Im not sure if her leg was in a diff position or not.If it was then by all means we can live with it due to the difficulty of the pose.

David Bridge
She is talented and well captured

Sachin Patke
Either she is an established gymnast or an established yogi. Either ways, a very difficult pose. Well executed, pose and photo.

Allan Hogan
Wonderful Every so often we see an outstanding photograph in this section...in this case the pose is astonishing...great work!

Robert Bennett
I love it.. ..when someone comes up a new and beautiful way to portray a nude. This image conveys not only her beauty, but also her power. Very well done. Peace Bob

Beepy .
An interesting interpretation of the nude.

Anthony J Deffina
Janosch- It does not suprise me to see you come up with such an interesting photo. Simply fascinating! As for the lighting being uneven, I like it. It gives it a sort of Yin & Yang feeling, adding to the "Balance" theme. -Anthony

Amar Khoday
The things the body can do. Wonderful pose and symmetry.

Maarten Miedema
Perfection To me this is the perfect nude!!!

Lol Cain
Amazing and very original pose. Great photo. Very well done!

Anne Challinor
This image invokes extreme discomfort for me - but...... therein lies its success.

Janusz Kwiatkowski
highly original pose, great light and shadows, perfect monochrome... one of the best and most creative nudes on PN regards, jk

Jana Vanourkova
balanced, cheers Jana

Eric L'Ecuyer

Dhruba Dutta
this is brilliant.......i am in love with this

Jonathan Farmer
IMO this is deserving of the top photo of the week, it's the best I have seen in a long time; it is almost perfectly symmetrical and I give it 7-7.

Daren Holland
This for me is one of the most original and imaginative images i've ever seen on PN. The level of creativity & skill displayed above and throughout your portfolio is outstanding. Theres no question about it A7-O7. Kind regards Daren P.s. Ant tips or guidance on my portfolio would be greatly appreciated.

Omar Havana
just WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! This is more than great, just perfect, what a position, a what a pic , u have my absolutely admiration, thanks

Dexter Dee Dee
Excellent job. Congrats to you and her. DDD

Nima Fatemi
7/7 Best in body lang
very good shot!

Body Part

hamid gordan
4 foots thanks alot.best form

Peter Culley
This is a terrific image. It looks like an abstract design. -- Peter Culley

Juan Carlos Vindas
This is art for me, best regards, jc

Ghulam Yasin
Excelente composicion, belleza, poesia, sentimiento espacial poetico, magia.?

Barry Fisher
That is very clever..extremely well done.

Ambreen Khalil
Amazing Very Nice shot. This is amazing to understand what model wanna say . and what photographer want to tell. But In short This is an art piece from this angle and if could be counverted on Stone .. very Nice .. But , What will happen at the other end ?

Siamak Jafari

BENO Dovrazi BENO Dovrazi
BENO Dovrazi - Miami Fashion Photographer wow it's amazing! ___________________________________________ BENO Dovrazi - Miami Fashion Photographer http://www.benodovrazi.com

ishai Gonda
wow Wow to you and your very flexible model Very impressive shot Compliments Ishai

Aguimas Makjeite

Gian Marco Marano

Hector Orellana
Héctor WOW!!! Wonderful, the ilumination is perfect. Congratulations

pejman seif
7/7 give u this rate for jupm ur pic one in alll!!!!! take care

Alejandro Gonzalez
original, intriguing, beautiful, sensual, breathtaking. love it!!!!!

Jade Nguyen
OH MY GOD!!! How could she do it? stunning .

davorka bosnic
thank you... ...thank you Janosh,for thees emotions,that I feel,now...yes...body and art...body - is art ,if SOMEONE show`s that to us... dasha

Kombizz Kashani
GREAT skin tones in this very difficult pose. BRAVO to your model's hard work!

Philip Turner
Overwhelmingly Acclaimed Outstanding pose, lighting and composition. Immediately pulls one into the image. Most overwhelmingly avowed "wow" photo on the site. Easy choice for my favorites too. Stunning and beautiful.

Aaron Feinberg
Unbelievable! Love it...and much kudos for the model for being able to even try and pull this off. Very well done Found this here: http://flipside23.deviantart.com/art/nude-artistic12-144287777 Rock on! aF

Gary Clark

Sexy Unusual

Janosch Simon
"M" kind regards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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