This taken in Ranca Upas, beautiful place in West Java

by Prakarsa Rarindra

this taken in ranca upas beautiful place west j newspaper oldman morning seller market goat moslem prakarsa rarindra

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Published: Tuesday 26th of September 2006 12:51:59 PM


Radu Carp
Interesting shot and using of the light,regards.

Ramesh paramesh
Beautiful light, with casual and leasurely feel to it. Good work, thanks for showing us.

Baerbel Kavanaugh
Excellent! This photo is a perfect example that an image does not have to be pretty and show lots of detail to be great. You caught a wonderful moment, a mood, which draws the viewer right into the scene. Very well done! :)

Karl-Einar Löfqvist
This is not a photo, it is an emotion.
I can feel the mist, the sounds and even smell the tobacco.
It is great.

Heinz Homatsch
compliments. mystic light. Did you take it in the morning?

Rosmini Sukardi
WOW beautiful..... time for coffee and a plate of nasi goreng kampung! :)

Huy Tran
Beautiful lighting and contrast. Great photo. Best regards.

Pawel Sawicki
Again - the light. YOu can clearly see the cigarette smoke in it, and the life that is in the backgound is in this wonderful mist. Simple scene as this one can be so wonderfully photographed just beacause of the light. Great work.

Juan Fernando Mora Muñoz
Magic! This is wonderfull, it keeps me guessing where was taken, it makes you want to see all around, beyond the picture, is just great. congrats.

Art Meripol
great light, great moment, great awareness. This image continues to hold my eye long after most other photos are forgotten.

Ozgur Ersin
I feel the weight of the smoke. Great photography there!

Sarah Underhill
Awesome. Great B&W!

Rarindra Prakarsa
West Java Misty morning Tank you. This taken in Ranca Upas, Ciwidey, West Java.

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